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Ep 10: Something Nice Back Home

Lost is back, and better than ever. As usual we have asked the country's biggest fans to recap each episode. Here is Ashlee Grigg's take on Something Nice Back Home.

The episode starts with a shot of Jacks eye. Juliet is telling him to wake up. Jack wakes and Juliet asks if hes ok. They hear raised voices outside. The two head outside and Jack tries to break up the argument Bernard and Rose are having with Charlotte and Daniel. He tells them he will get them off the island, but they just have to be patient. By this stage, Jack isnt looking very well. He feints and Juliet runs over to him.

Flash forward

Jack is lying in bed; He gets up goes into the kitchen and trips over a childs toy on the floor. There are two wine glasses on the table. Jack goes into the bathroom and says morning to someone who is in the shower. The door opens, and its Kate. She kisses Jack.

Jack is in Aarons room reading to him, Kate is watching from the door. They leave Aarons room and shut the door. Kate tells Jack hes a natural, (At being a father figure to Aaron).


Jack has been propped up against a tree, everyone is crowding round to see if hes ok. He stands up, and Kate runs over to see what happened. She is concerned, But Jack insists that hes fine and just needs some rest.

Miles, Claire and Sawyer are walking through the jungle, Suddenly Miles hears voices in his head. Then he asks Who are Danielle and Karl? You mean the French woman? says Claire. Miles gets down on the ground and starts moving fallen palm leaves. Then he digs in the dirt. Theres a body there. Its Danielle. He digs again and finds Carl. Can we just go? asks Claire.

Jack is in his shelter taking some pills, He tells Juliet he thinks its food poisoning. I disagree Says Juliet. She asks him to lift up his shirt. Juliet feels his stomach and confirms that it is Jacks appendix troubling him.  I guess we are going to have to take it out then Says Juliet.

Juliet gives Sun a list of surgical equipment to go and get from the medical station, Sun says she doesnt know what any of it looks like. Daniel offers to go because he is knows what it is. Sun and Jin dont trust Daniel and Charlotte, so Juliet gives Jin a gun. The four of them leave for the medical station. Juliet tells everyone else to make a sterile place for her to operate. Kate asks her why they dont just take Jack to the medical station. Because if we move him, His appendix could rupture, and if that happens he will die Juliet replies.

 Miles is watching Claire with Aaron, Sawyer tells Miles not to go near her. That hes putting a restraining order on him. Hes not to go anywhere near Claire or sawyer will Put a boot in his face.

 Rose shares with Bernard her thoughts on Jacks illness; she says its strange that the day before they are meant to leave the island, their leader gets sick. She thinks that Daniel and Charlotte have done something to him.

 Juliet is preparing Jack for surgery, He says he doesnt want to be knocked out, He wants to talk her through the operation, and that Kate can hold a mirror so he can see.


Jack sees his father in the hospital, but when he looks again his father is gone. He gets a call from Hurleys doctor at Santa Rosa hospital. The doctor tells Jack that Hurley wont take his medicine. Jack goes to see Hurley in his room. Hurley claims We are all dead, and we never got off the island. Jack tells him thats not true. Hurley is crying now, He says that he saw Charlie, and he sits with Charlie on the front lawn every day. Charlie told Hurley to give Jack a message. The message is You are not supposed to raise him.  Think he means Aaron? asks Hurley.

Jack tells Hurley to take his meds, and then he leaves.


Sun leads the group to the medical station. Jin says (In Korean) Do you think she knows he likes her? (About Charlotte and Daniel).   Shes a woman, she knows says Sun. Charlotte smiles, As if she understands them.

They enter the medical station and collect the equipment.

 Sawyer hears a noise, Its Frank, The helicopter pilot. He tells them to hide because the shooters are coming. They are nearly found when Aaron makes a noise, But Frank distracts the shooters and they leave.

 Kate helps Jack walk to the surgical tent, He is about to say If something happens to me but Kate cuts him off.

Flash forward

Jack is late home, He tells Kate he had to get something.

Will you marry me? Jack asks her. He gets out a ring and gives it to her. Of course I will Says Kate.


Back at the beach, Jin tells Charlotte he knows she speaks Korean. And that when the helicopter comes, she will take Sun off the island, or he will hurt Daniel.

Juliet is performing the surgery, Jack is watching on the mirror. Its starting to hurt him. Juliet tells Bernard to knock him out and she yells at Kate to get out.

Flash forward

Jack sees his Father again, and then he asks a fellow doctor for a script for some pills.

He goes home and Kate is on the phone saying Dont worry Jacks never home until late.

She looks guilty and then lies about who she was talking to. Kate goes to bed and Jack secretly takes his pills.


Miles, Sawyer and Claire are asleep. Claire wakes and sees her father holding Aaron.

 Bernard comes and tells Kate that Jack is okay. And that she can go back inside.

Juliet apologizes for yelling and Kate says thank you for saving Jack.

Flash Forward

Kate has been out, And Jack questions her. Just trust me Jack She says. He gets angry and yells at her. Kate admits that she was doing something for Sawyer, because she promised. What did you promise? asks Jack.

He wouldnt want me to tell you She says You need to figure out your problems Jack, I dont want you like this around my son. Your son? Says Jack Youre not even related! Aaron is standing in the doorway.


Sawyer wakes up and asks Miles where Claire is. He says she followed a man into the jungle last night.

Sawyer hears Aaron, and runs off to find Claire. He finds Aaron alone on the ground. He picks him up. Sawyer calls for Claire, but there is no sign of her.