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Living The Dream

About the show

What would you do if your entire world turned out to be fake? If a group of writers, producers and actors spent six months creating TV's most elaborate experiment - all around you?  If they plotted your every move, recorded it 24 hours a day and put it on national television&well that's exactly what happened to Sam Chambers in Living the Dream.

"My friends said go and do it for a laugh, so in the end I did, it was the last thing I thought I'd end up doing - a reality TV show," says Chambers. What Sam did not know was that the entire show was rigged. It was, in fact, an improvised drama where everyone except him was an actor.

The star nine actors are: Sarah Thomson as Tiffany, the rich bitch; Stephen Hall as Mule, the ex-SAS soldier; Jason Fitch as Mick the prick; Victoria Blackman as Mary, the virgin; Awanui Simich-Pene as Rima the schemer; Jeremy Birchall as Billy, the gay guy; Charlie McDermott as Ben, the best mate; Kirsty Cooke as Betty the new age counsellor, and Mark Ferguson as the smarmy host.

The actor's characters were based on 'standard' reality TV show characters from New Zealand and overseas, including "Mule" being based on the character of "Horse" McLeod from "Treasure Island Extreme".

Over the coming weeks, Sam and his eight housemates compete in increasingly bizarre challenges - all of them designed to push the actors and Sam to the limit, and to parody real reality TV shows. Can a bunch of actors can step up to the challenge of remaining in character 24/7 and convincing Sam they are real?

As well as challenges and the sheer astonishment of living with such extreme characters, each episode features an elimination. Although these were also set-up, Sam's real vote often threatened to affect the outcome - so behind the scenes the producers and writers were continually rewriting the actor's stories.