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Jason Fitch: 'Mick the Prick'

"I'd do it again in a heartbeat," says Jason Fitch, who plays the thoroughly obnoxious Mick.

Is Mick at all like the real life Jason? "No," laughs the very charming Jason, "I don't really have any similarities to Mick! I moulded Mick on three acquaintainces of mine. I took their most annoying Mick traits and put them together as a 'super-Mick'."

The hardest thing about the role, says Jason, was that "everyone hated Mick so much that I almost felt like they hated me too."

The self-confessed filmaholic coped by withdrawing from the others and watching lots of movies. "I was in the house 11 days and I watched 26 DVDs."`

It wasn't the first time 25-year-old Aucklander had played nasty types - but then his few lines as a heavily-disguised Urukai in LOTR: Return of the King was never going to to get him recognised in supermarkets.

"I'm hoping this will open some doors for me."