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Living The Dream

Episode 7: La Cucaracha

Tiffany's story
Tiffany is in the lounge discussing with Mary and Sam the possibility of selling the story about her sex video on the internet (which everyone now knows) for $25,000. Apparently smarmy host Mark suggested the notion.

Sam observes that Mary appears slightly irritable this evening. As Victoria (who plays Mary) reveals in interview, the idea is that Mary is jealous that Tiffany is getting all the attention.

Din Din
The crew plan for the evening's meal challenge, where the contestants will all be served disgusting items - if one person refuses to eat their meal, no one will get the allotted prize of a video camera. . But the contestant's food will all be normal food dressed up to look like nastiness. Sam, however, will be served real life cockroaches. But the plan is for the contestants to revolt so Sam won't have to eat the insects.

Mick is served "yellow fungus with horse bile" - it's really rice noodles in white sauce. Tiffany's is "cooked rats intestines" (Chinese mushrooms in red colouring). Ben's is baked pig's blood cake with warm blood sauce (really sponge cake with raspberry dressing.

"I would've eaten the pig's blood," says Sam in interview. "I mean, I love liver. Good as gold."

Mary's is "monkey eyeballs in raspberry sauce"(lychees).

Then it's Sam's turn. Everyone else has eaten their food, so the pressure's on Sam. The cockroaches are unveiled. The other contestants all react extremely, telling him not to do it.

But good ol' Sam is very prepared to eat them, before Ben implores him not to, taking the plate of him.

The contestants then demand to speak to someone in charge. Mark says he'll look into it. Later at dinner, Sam thanks the others for their support.

Taking action
Mark comes in and announces an exec will come in the morning to discuss the matter. Tiffany volunteers to be the one to talk to him, despite Sam's willingness to fight his own battles. Mark tells Tiffany he's happy to offer her any advice if she wants to talk to him first. This makes Mary visibly jealous. As Mark leaves the room, Mary asks to talk to him, but he says no as he leaves.

The next morning, Mark comes in and discusses the sitch with the exec with Sam and Tiffany, who will both talk to the exec. Mary acts all jealous-like again, and storms out. Sam observes that Mark is giving her the cold shoulder.

The Exec
Mark comes in and says that the exec only wants to see Sam.

Sam enters and is greeted by real-life TV exec Andrew Shaw, who is playing "The Network Executive". Mark begins to explain the sitch, and Andrew curtly cuts him off.

"Why are you talking? You're not important. You're a meat puppet. I have a bathmat that could make more of a contribution to this show that you."

Andrew then says he agrees that the cockroaches were one step too far. But he says they are gonna have to come up with some other "tricks" to help the show rate. He says he wants Tiffany and Mary to "pash". If the girls kiss, everyone gets the prize (a video camera each) from the food challenge.

If this can happen, says Andrew pointing at Mark, "the only cockroach left on the show will be that one."

Crazy Mary
As Mark walks Andrew out, a melon smashes on the floor next to his feet. Mary has thrown it from upstairs!

"You're a bad, bad man. You're a mean person, I hope you rot in hell," she screams.

Andrew leaves, apparently un phased by all this.

"I think Mark just wanted to sink into his shoes.

Pash Mash
Sam tells Tiffany that they'll all get the cameras if she pashes Mary. They're discussing it in Sam's room, when Mary suddenly rips into it with Tiffany, pashing passionately.

Vote note
Sam and Ben discuss their votes. Again, Sam cannot vote for Mick as Betty gifted him immunity when she left. Sam explains how Mary got mad at Mark. They conclude they'll vote for Mary as she losing the plot a bit. Tiffany walks in and they tell her they're voting for Mary.

"Great kisser," responds Tiffany. Ben is incredulous. Tiffany says she is kidding. Ben is disbelieving.

Ben is declared the winner in a prize challenge in which the contestants all feel each other up while dressed in animal costumes.

Each contestant, apart from Mick, gets a vote, but Mary gets two. So she's outta there. In her parting comments, Mary wishes everyone well.

"I love you all, except you Mark," she says.

Mark smashes her plate and she leaves. In her post show interview, Mary says Sam is a very sweet guy.