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Sonia Choquette - Travelling at the Speed of LOVE

Sonia Choquette has been a practicing psychic and spiritual teacher for over 32 years and believes the sixth sense should not only be our first sense, but is also necessary to fulfil our life's purpose to be peaceful and happy. 

Having worked with the experts such as Louise Hay, Julia Cameron, Wayne Dyer, and Caroline Myss, we were lucky enough to catch up with the incredibly dynamic and ever-so inspiring Sonia Choquette, while she was here in New Zealand.  How did you know you had a gift, and what urged you to spread your message to others? 

Sonia:  I actually never thought I had a gift; it was just always this way for me.  I was always capable of perceiving the non-physical realm as clearly as I was able to perceive the physical realm.  When I started at school it became evident to me in my second and third grade that this was not perceived by others.  So it slowly dawned on me that I was having a very different experience than the general people around me. 

My family life consisted of six brothers and sisters who were very intuitive and we had a very, very creative mother and I thought this was all perfectly normal.  So I began to decide that what went on at home versus what went on at school, were very different.  I started doing readings for my mother's friends and by the time I was 15, I was teaching my first classes.  So for me it's always been my path. 

I have no experience in my life, where I can relate to, where I was not intuitive or conscious and I feel we all start that way.  I don't believe I have any particular advantage, I am just absolutely clear that this is a natural ability that we all come in with and if we're given the right circumstances and the right support, it activates greatly.  It is an important and essential part of your ability to interact with this world at the highest level so that's why I started teaching.  I wanted to empower people with the same capacities.  How can we develop our psychic abilities if you believe we all have them? 

Sonia.  I think the most important thing is to recognise that it's not a matter of belief anymore.  Fortunately, about 40 years ago (science now corresponds and correlates with what I say), they have found parts of the brain in the front cortex, the heart and even parts of the stomach that respond very clearly to energy and to the non-physical world.  This is an inherent part of our conscious capacity and it isn't out of our realm of what's natural so we must try and open to our natural abilities. 

I've been teaching and travelling around the world for at least thirty years and I've never met a country or culture or even a person who has said they've never had an intuitive experience.  It IS a universal experience.  But the attitude is what will determine whether that capacity is intuitive to use in our lives or it's something that frightens us.  So the first thing to do is have a very receptive, possible and open attitude towards our natural capacity, abilities and perception.    

If you have any other attitude, you're kind of stuck in the dark ages.  You are really limiting yourself so try and be modern, current and open. How do you know who your guides are? 

Sonia:  My very first experience with my guides was when I was around 5 or 6 years old and my very first guide was named Rose.  She would appear at night in my bedroom and sit above me as a glowing light.  I could see her face and an impression and because I was so young, I didn't have a lot of filters so I was pretty receptive.  As I went through school, other guides began to emerge and they still keep appearing at different times in my life.  They appear in dream states, some in meditation and others in my conscious state.  I am really comfortable being a sensory and I'm because I'm receptive to the non-physical world as I am the physical world and, if not more so, the guides come in different ways.  It's not like Elvis is going to pop in to the room and do a song for us!  They come in by primary means of vibration and it's not one size fits all - it depends on our own disposition too.  For some they will appear as an inner voice, for others a dream or a sensation but you can tell you're being guided when ideas pop into your mind that you would not normally think.  That's a very clear indication you're getting guided - it illuminates some notion, concept or suggestion that would not normally occur to you.  

My experience working with people is that most are very, very capable of receiving guidance but they just don't follow it.  It's like members of the 'would-or-could-or-should-have club' of missed opportunities.  After the fact they say, 'I felt that, I new that, I sensed that' so one way to begin to tune into guidance is to simply say out aloud, 'Well my intuitive guidance says' and give voice and allow whatever pops in.  There will be something that pops in. 

I have a fun story to share with you.  I taught in Perth last weekend and I invited one of my attendees to stand up and speak.  He told us his guidance said that he wanted to quit his job, it was wrong, it was bad for his spirit, it wasn't using his talents etc but he was afraid so I told him to voice his guidance and it will change everything.  I asked him if he'd be ok if he did this and he said his guidance said he'd be just fine so he did it.   

Well, what happened is that another attendee in the workshop offered him a job straight after!  They sat down for a few minutes and he gave him a new job.  Had he not voiced it, it wouldn't have happened.  He couldn't believe it.  And that is the kind of thing I'm trying to teach - a higher flow trying to occur - where you're not allowed to struggle against the worlds.  If you simply make the shift to voice your intuitive and express it, you name it and you claim it and see what happens, see what occurs.  That was a thrilling experience... 

But it won't be available if you won't allow subtle influences and give voice to it and see what happens.  This is why I'm going around the world teaching people and allowing others to have these magical experiences that they would otherwise never have had, just by just allowing other realms of possibilities opening up for them.  How does it make you feel to know you are transforming other people's lives every day?

Sonia:  It is the most rewarding, filling, fulfilling, joyful, happy experience and I couldn't imagine my life being any other way.  If I go home knowing that one mans life is changed and he's now on a different path in a new job with someone who admired him, then it was worth it.  Future generations are going to be influenced by that moment and every one of us could be in that position.  You're trained in both the Psychic Arts and Metaphysical Law.  How do these two come together? 

Sonia:  The psychic arts are clairvoyant, clairaudient, clairsentient and the ability to perceive what we call divine knowing and healing.  These are the skills, this is how the intuitive facilities show up and use the nervous system and the other physical senses to communicate. 

Metaphysical law is the experience of understanding our spiritual nature in relationship to the universe and how it is so we can relate to one another on a purely energetic level.  This is not based on what our senses see and perceive which really, by the way, don't work very well!  We're so filtered with our own beliefs!

Both of these have afforded me a background to what is now known as Quantum Physics.  We are basically spiritual beings who are not limited by our physical reality.  What has it been like to be a personal intuitive advisor to leaders such as Louise Hay, Julia Cameron, Caroline Myss and Dr. Wayne Dyer?

Sonia:  It's been meaningful because I have helped these people see their intuition.  In fact I've just had breakfast with Wayne Dyer this morning and he said the information I provided him years ago at a pivotal point in his life was key to him being able to continue on his mission and not be distracted by personal challenges.  It's the same with Julia Cameron.  I feel honoured, I feel blessed but I also have to say whether it's those leaders or someone at the work shop, in my personal experience, they have equal meaning to me. 

Whether we become public figures or we stay very private and anonymous, we are all equally important and we influence people at the same level whether we're on stage, or a mother of a family or the boss of a company of the manger of a department.  We influence people in huge ways; every single one of us.  I'm here to let people know that every life matters, every person counts and every action you take has a big effect on the bigger 'whole'.  Which person or people inspire you in your life? 

Sonia:  I'm a musician at heart, so music is my first language and I'm very inspired by music - world music, spiritual music, meditative music.  It is food for me.  I start my day with musical meditation every morning.  I am also fully inspired by my peers and I feel like I am a perpetual student.

Julia Cameron has been very helpful in giving me the confidence to become a writer.  Before I met her I didn't have the ability to write and now I have eighteen books!  So, I have to really give Julia a tremendous amount of appreciation for her giving me the confidence.  Brian Wyss is also a very influential psychiatrically trained Yale doctor and yet he comes and completely verifies everything I'm teaching.  Even though I'm not a psychiatrically trained doctor, he's been very exciting to be a source of validation for the things I have taught. 

I am also very influenced by the Dalai Lama.  I have the benefit of knowing and being in his company and I am a complete believer.  The other person that has been enormously positive to me is my mother.  She has been a person of tremendous faith, and kindness, loving and with non-judgemental kindness and I was raised on that.  She is 82 and going strong and writes to me every morning wherever I am and gives me inspiration, blessings and positive feedback.  She doesn't judge anybody and never has and that is a role model and has set a bar for me for spiritual perception.  I think that has greatly allowed me to be as intuitive and devoted to the human race as I am. You talk about the sixth sense and the fact you think it should be the first sense and necessary to fulfil our life's purpose and be peaceful and happy.  What does peace and fulfilment mean to you? 

Sonia:  First of all, peace means to recognise as spiritual beings, there's nothing to fear.  There's no-one out there to get you or hurt you as we're all born of the same substance.  We need to learn that the ego mind can become fearful and corruptive but we can forgive and look for compassion.  We don't have to look for our self worth through the eyes of other people and we don't have to fear other people so to me that is one of the bases of peace. 

If you understand your spiritual being, you take a great deal of satisfaction and long as there's breath in your body, there's divinity in you and you are wholly, beautiful and valuable and there's no effort to make yourself feel worthwhile.  You can relax knowing that you are a beautiful being.  With that in mind, your heart can open and you can be loving.  If you're loving and share your gift freely and with a generous heart and free of judgement, your life, no matter whether you sweep streets, fold laundry or teach at a university, will have a complete and profound sense of having made a contribution to keep the human race in flow.   

So, I do feel that you can't arrive at those perceptions through the ego, it's impossible.  You can only arrive at those perceptions by being fearless and loving or lovingly fearless and fearlessly loving through the spirit.  And if we're in the spirit, which is what I teach people to experience, I'm very much an alchemist, I actually change people's vibration from ego to spirit and when you're in the sprit you don't have an issue with anyone.  So you do find yourself being open and receptive to what the universe has to offer and your life becomes very rich and very quickly.  To change or enhance our lives, what one easy step can we all take? 

Sonia:  I'd say there are four steps. 

The first is to be open to your spirit and your intuitive guidance which is the voice of your spirit and to be open to that you are a party of an incredible design that has good things in store for you.

The second thing is to expect good things.  The universe fulfils expectations, those who expect good things have good things.  Those who expect drama get drama and disappointment.  Expect your spirit to lead you, guide you, open doors for you and surprise you. 

The third step is to trust your intuitive.  Say 'yes' instead of 'why' and go with it.  Start in little ways that are non-threatening.  Trust your intuition and act on it.   

1. Be open
2. Expect
3. Trust
4. Act

Each step leads to the next and naturally so just begin with being open, it's that simple.  What's been your most memorable story to date?  

Sonia:  It's hard to say, there are so many... I was at a dinner about five and half years ago and I was talking to a couple of people about South Africa and I had this impulse that if the doors opened for me, I would love to help as we were talking about the number of orphaned children there.  The very next night, I met a woman from South Africa who invited me to go over.  I had never met anyone from South Africa before! 

So within 24 hours I was invited and within a year I went and did a tour of South Africa, raised enough money to feed 7,000 children for a year and that all required no effort or struggle on my part.  The doors just kept flying open and all I had to do was keep walking through the next door and it was all so fast and exhilarating and wonderful.  When you really live in the energy of your spirit, it really does become possible. 

But you first have to make that shift from ego to spirit and I think that is what some people are missing.  You can't create when the thought is rising from the ego.  You can only create when thoughts are flowing from the consciousness of spirit and when, you shift, every thought begins to manifest so quickly it's almost freaky and that's the thing that I am teaching.  What do you hope your latest book, 'Travelling at the Speed of LOVE' will help teach others? 

Sonia: My experience is to teach them to be in the divine flow that I am expressing.  It's learnable and practical and it is my intention to give people the information and create the experience in person.  They can believe their own experience so there are no obstacles to move from ego to spirit.  Can you please tell us a bit more about 'The international conference on children's' spirituality in Atlanta?

Sonia:  I feel you learn to be in flow at home.  Most of my work with adults is remedial.  I wrote a book called 'The Intuitive Spark' which gives tools to parents so they can work with their children at home so they don't have to struggle and go back to have a remedial course in order to get connected.  The earlier you witness their natural state of connection to sprit the more you empower them so they have blessed adult lives. Do you work with animals as well? 

Sonia:  Yes I do.  I speak spirit and because spirit is vibration that I can understand from an animal very, very clearly, I help people understand that.  It's 2010, where and how do you see yourself and your work growing?  

Sonia:  I hope my work continues to grow on an international basis and that I can touch every corner of the world and that my job is in the school of transformation.  I hope I can put people in the incubator and give them the experiences that will make them shift so it's not just an intellectual concept but it's grounded in personal experience.  So, my hope it to have as broad opportunity to give people the tools of transformation so that they can these back to their homes, their families, their communities, their neighbours and we can transform this universe as quickly as possible. What would you do for a living if you weren't a psychic/healer/teacher?

Sonia: I'd be a dancer or a singer.

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