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The One That Got Away: Book review

The One That Got Away: Book review

Reviewed by's Katie Pearson

As far as page-turning summer chicklit goes, this one's a winner.

The One That Got Away follows Molly Greene, a 30-something medical supplies salesperson who is happily married and has two supportive best friends who she loves catching up with for girly chats over a few drinks.

However, when Dan, her husband, raises the issue of having children (as they're not getting any younger), Molly has doubts. She knows she ought to want to have children, but she doesn't want to give up her old life quite yet.

It is this thought process that leads Molly to searching for an ex-boyfriend, Leo, on Facebook ... just to see where he ended up ... after all, there's no harm in just looking, right? But then Molly makes the mistake of sending him a friendly message to say hello. And so begins the downward spiral of Molly's life, as an innocent greeting turns into an extremely unnerving series of stalker-like behaviour and blackmail.

It is a cautionary tale, which illustrates just how easy it is for people to find out all about you without your permission, through the advent of modern technology - in particular, the internet and cellphones.

Molly is a very believable character, who is easy to identify with, which is partly due to the first-person present tense in which it's written. As the tension rises in the novel, it becomes almost impossible to put the book down, as every chapter takes a new surprising turn.

The only letdown, perhaps, is the character of Leo, Molly's ex. He is initially described as a charming, self-assured and cocky ladies man. With this introduction, it is easy to find yourself wondering, as the novel progresses, why such a confident man would suddenly turn into a clingy, desperate stalker-type. Granted, Molly hasn't seen him for five years, but could a person really degenerate so much within such a short space of time? It is a little far-fetched, but since the story is so gripping, you allow yourself to go along with it.


The One That Got Away, by Lucy Dawson
Publisher: Hachette
RRP: $36.99
Available: Now