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Numerology ? What's in a name? What's in a number?

According to numerologists, our names have a direct relation to who we are as a person and the life we end up living with events in our lives, all premeditated.  Full names as per our birth certificate, when added up equate to a single number that the experts believe also define the characteristics of our personalities.  So, what does numerology expert Peter Vaughan have to say on the matter?  We caught up with the specialist to find out more.  "How long have you been interested in numerology?"

Peter:  "I've been doing it since 1981.  This is my 30th year."  "What inspired you to get into numerology?"

Peter:  "It was a lady called Wendy, she called herself a "white witch" and at that stage I was an electrician, a serious every day person, however I was intrigued as I enjoyed studying people and had read books about life after death and such.   All that stuff fascinated me because I'd met some of these people who had 'near death experiences' as I'd been an ambulance officer.  I know a fair amount about physiology. I was also interested in people and how some succeed and how others do not. "Even though I was a down-to-earth bloke, we befriended this woman who became a border as she lived at her place of work and the conditions weren't that flash.  Her name was Wendy Evans, we got on very well and she looked a bit like Angela Lansbury from the TV series "Murder She Wrote"!

"We were watching television one day and she turned to me and said that she died when she was 22 (she was 45 at the time).  She told me she died on the operating theatre for 20 minutes.  I thought it was nonsense.  Five minutes for a child without oxygen, but over three minutes for an adult and they're both cabbage.  She said I should get into numbers. I told her I hated math with a passion, and she said "no, numerology!" I said, "what's that?"
"She then gave me a book to read and that was it; I've never looked back."  "Obviously her time wasn't up?"

Peter:  "She had an operation with a 90% chance of it not succeeding but she pulled through.  She said she had an out-of-body experience and I found her recount fascinating so I followed through asking her questions about what happened.  She told me she saw herself on the operating table from above - very much like you'd see like in the movie Ghost.  "I have since met other people who had also passed over, regular people like a boiler-man who worked at the Maungaturoto Dairy factory.  They're all very passive people and they all seem happy about their time to go, when it comes.  Then one day saw a documentary about people in an operating theatre during critical emergency surgery; some died yet came back screaming, some came back happy and some wanted to go back to where they had been?  But when Wendy started talking about numbers, I didn't REALLY understand it, but I couldn't put the book down once I began to read it.  It was so accurate; it described aspects of my character purely by my birth date and my name, so I started to question how it all worked.

"Even today 30 years later, I'm finding out more in a much deeper sense how it works and in every essence.  It's no different than a computer, an organic computer inside our head.  "Just as we program a computer with computer language, our brain (mind) is programmed in the same way.  Language in a computer allows it to function effectively, and when we come into this world we learn language and it creates and drives our emotions which drive our bodies. Language enables us to think. Without it we are not able to communicate effectively to others, let alone ourselves.  Certain words affect us just as some names affect us, positively and negatively.  Names are made in many forms and this fact positions us with the desire to become an engineer, an opera singer or even a clairvoyant if one so feels to need.  Everything you see on this planet can be named and numbered and we use alphabets and numerals to identify everything. That's absolutely fascinating."  "Our names are chosen by our parents so do we become the numbers that make up our name?"

Peter:  "Numbers themselves don't mean a thing.  They don't have any influence over us.  They only represent a group of ideas or things.  The name we're given at birth comes with a feeling.  When a baby is born, it is most often given a name that just seems to fit the child, it's a comfortable match.  Parents name the child and if it's not to the mothers liking, such as when the father decides on a name he likes, the child will in many cases, almost have an indifferent way of looking and feeling about life, a split personality so to speak.  If the name doesn't fit, the child will display misfit qualities.  It just happens that way."  "In your 30 years of studying numerology, how do you think this has changed your life and how have you inspired/impacted other people's lives?"

Peter:  "What I've found is that there are events timed in our lives.  I've known Bob Proctor from The Secret on and off for many years because I went to his seminars years ago and he asked me to read for him.  He asked questions about things I couldn't possibly have known about and when I picked these things up, he became very intrigued.  I suggested he and Linda were like chalk and cheese in many respects and he then asked why did they get together then. I said that his and her lives would have been in each others 'frequency' or "name harmonic" at the exact time they met. Bob gave me an age and there it was, on his and Linda's charts.  Bob was so taken he asked if I could see what was coming up in the future.  I then described the next two years with uncanny accuracy.  I couldn't have known what it was but I was right and it has since come to pass.  He asked me if I was telling him that our futures are already ordained and I said yes! However, we do have free will and we learn, what we are meant to be doing in life, by bouncing off the walls of painful experience until we get back on track again."  "Do you think we know where we're meant to be going?"

Peter:  "Actually, a lot of people don't know where they're going right through to the end.  Unfortunately, we don't come with a book that tells us what we're doing when we're born.  But when you understand how your name influences you, you begin to realise it is no different to understanding the invisible Laws of gravity or how airplanes fly. The Law governing our lives is governed by how our minds are conditioned and our names play a major part of that programming. Your name is the cast that governs your recognition and judgment and what to do with everything you come into contact with. Your name controls your emotions and it's worth noting; names have been around for a very, very long time."  "How long is long?"

Peter:  "I first discovered its history with Pythagoras and Plato but when you go back to biblical history, it's written in the book of Genesis in the Old Testament and it's also explained in Revelations in the New Testament.  It tells you how to convert names to numbers to change your life and was common practice do this in those times. It still goes on today in India and China. These old civilizations were very smart, but we seem to have lost this art in our modern Western society."  "So this spanned across many cultures over the globe?"

Peter:  "They all have their own versions but it's basically the same thing yes."  "What's the most successful name?"

Peter:  "The most successful name in the western world is John. James is more common but is greatly less impacting in the business world. Another example is that those with names that sum to group 6. They are the majority of the millionaires of this world, they don't know they have a group number, they just seem to go and get wealthy."

"When I say numbers don't mean anything, they don't have any 'magic' powers, but there are nine basic groups of people, and, group six are the majority of the millionaires and billionaires for that matter. They just are!"  "What about a woman's name?" 

Peter:  "Success in a woman's name generally relates to the entire name but it follows the same principle except group six and group eight make for powerful women."  "What happens with your name and its meaning when it's shortened, you take on a nickname or you get married?  How does it work when this happens?"

Peter:  "When you have a name change it alters your personality and psychological make-up, it's no different to wearing a costume in a play.  Arnold Schwarzenegger said in a doco about the film "Junior" where he was wearing a woman's dress all the time, made him 'feel' very feminine and people looked at him differently.  A name change is like that, a new name changes your personality.  If someone said they were going to change their name, it will alter what they eventually do.  When a woman changes their name at marriage, it affects their life."  "Are you saying, women shouldn't change their names when they get married and that they should keep their names?"

Peter:  "Yes.  If they want to add their husband's name to their own name, it will add value 'to them' rather than 'change them'."
"The way to prove names affect people in every aspect of their lives, is when a person is ill or becoming very sick.  The biggest shock to me was when I began to study death to see if there was a relevance to a person who is passing on.  I had to study dead people as they all tell you when they died!  I found that fascinating and found 2 common patterns there. 

"I found that the name David was significant when males with that first name hit age 27. They all have a big change in their life.  I made this comment on radio one day when I was in the studio with Leighton Smith from Newstalk ZB. Leighton couldn't believe what I had said about 'all David's' so he asked all the David's to phone in, and they did, and every David that phoned in said they had a big change in their lives at 27.  "When you look at hieroglyphs, this is where many letters have their origins, the letter 'A' in David has an influence that resonates with a particular time/age and there is a significant change and it is based on harmonics. It's the same thing with music, if one instrument is out of tune, you can hear it.  If there is something 'out of tune' in a person's life, or something happens at the wrong time in an orchestra and a string is plucked, you'll know it.  When Leighton heard the callers confirm my statement, he was curiously convinced, there was something in it but he didn't know how it worked, which is fair enough. He has not spent time on it as I have done.

"I was listening to the radio one day and an advert for a 'Lois Club' came on.  A group of women all called Lois, meet up from time to time.  So I phoned the advertiser and explained I wasn't a Lois but was interested to know what "emotional event" befell all Lois's when they were all aged 19.  It turned out that every one of them, at age 19, had an emotional event.  This means people's names affect their life! "So when you start to look at things I've done like studying people in the military, you find they are all carrying a similar quality that makes them go to that arena.

"I was talking to an SAS vet one day, I'll call him Bill,  and he was nearly 50 at the time and although he was out of active service he'd trained others SAS soldiers.  I asked him what happened to him at a certain age, and he almost went white.  I said "It looks like you had a near death experience," he lifted us his vest to show me his stomach where he'd taken a bullet through the gut it had ripped into his stomach. He asked me how I knew this and I told him it was in his chart, not the bullet but the event.  It's fascinating."  "Do we gravitate towards people with the same name?  Do you think that could be a powerful friendship or relationship?"

Peter:  "Definitely.  There are two aspects to your name - constants and vowels.  When you start to look at the make-up of these letters and ask where they came from, are they higgledy-piggledy, did we make them up?  No.  We have to look where they came from.  The letter 'A' for example is a symbol that represented an Ox. The ox used to pull a cart or a plough a field.  The 'A' was once angled differently and looked like a '<' sign with a line through it representing the yolk that sat across the shoulders of the animal and a cart or plough was hitched to that.  So you have a letter meaning something.  For instance, the letter 'B' comes from a heron and our modern and reshaped alphabet were once symbols of hieroglyphs. 

"Imagine a baby laying in a cot, brand new to the world, all around are shapes and noises but nothing makes any sense yet.  When the baby's name is spoken over and over as it is paid attention, fed and cuddled, the baby's brain becomes conditioned to recognise "that's me" and it becomes its identifying name.  When you understand who you are, everyone you meet that has the same name (harmonic sound) as you, is very similar to you and therefore you are attracted to people of a similar vibration because you 'feel' comfortable around them."  "My brother, sister and I were all due on the 16th of the month.  Two of us arrived as planned but my sister was three days early.  What does this mean for her?"

Peter:  "Put it this way, babies seem to come up when they're ready.  Some people say we chose our names before we chose our destiny.  I prefer to rely on facts and science I have amassed.
"A lot of people think I am clairvoyant but I'm no more clairvoyant than anybody else.  I just don't practice or look at that side as I wish to be known as a person that can work with corporate people and not seen as being 'left of centre'.  When you look at a baby leaving the womb, the baby is protected internally by the mother - an internal component of the mother's body.  When the baby leaves the mother's body, the baby is exposed to the elements and these start to impress the child hugely.  The temperature, the sounds, the people in the room, a blue print is formed.  I do relate to the fact that people do have commonalities depending on when they were born; time of the day etc but I feel my area of analysis and research is a lot more accurate and reliable.  "Your name and your birth date dictate Who you Are, What you Are and When you will do and experience things.

"When people see the work I do, I always start off with how it works on a white board.  A lot of people have learned numerology one way or the other to some degree but no-one has really taken the time to really investigate its origins, but because I've done that to such an extent with over 100,000 case studies behind me, the world makes sense to me.

"I wrote an article just after John Travolta's son Jet died.  I think he died on 2nd January 2009 and on the 5th January I wrote an article about John and his wife and discussed Jet's personality and characteristics.  I finished it off by saying by the end of 2010 there would be an addition to the Travolta family and it's only just come out that John's wife is pregnant with twins.  Now that was predicted nearly two years before the event is to come to pass. I've done this many times with Oprah, G.W. Bush, President Obama; much of it is on my web site in the archive stories.  If I can look back into the past, I can look into the future for any person or company, anytime I like."  "Do people come to you with big questions such as 'When am I going to have a baby?'  When am I going to get married?' When is my business finally going to take off?'"

Peter:  "Yes, everything." "Do you go into big corporate companies and predict the best times to make important company decisions?"

Peter:  "Yes.  I'll give you one example (I won't name the party).  I met a gentleman at the 2009 Entrepreneur's Summit where I was one of over 200 people invited to work on ideas.  This man invited me to go to his company place and we sat chatting over a cup of coffee, his General Manager/ accountant was with us and he asked if he could supply me with a staff member's name to which I agreed.  I took his name and birth data and I said, 'Whoa! What's up with this guy's finances, he's in a mess?' They looked at one another with utter surprise. This man was going through so many challenges with money and I picked up on it straight away.  It has nothing to do with clairvoyance, I don't need to do employ that kinesthetic quality."  "You predict anything else soon?"

Peter:  "There is another market downturn again next year.  I successfully predicted the 1998 crash eight months before it happened and that's all documented."  "Albeit a sensitive subject, do you deal with famous people's deaths?"
Peter:  "Nearly two and a half years ago I did a story on Oprah Winfrey.  I saw three years hence  from the time I wrote a story on my website about her, that she was going to go through a complete alteration in her life, a change, a stop.  I didn't predict death as such.
"So I put the Oprah story up.  Five weeks later The National Enquirer in America put out a story on their front page titled, 'Oprah Winfrey dead in three years'!  They were working on their medical records.  I obviously had no access to those.  But then Oprah announced she was going to be finishing up her work in about two and a half years time.  I couldn't possibly have known that but it is in her Profile and charts. 

"Graeme Hart, New Zealand's billionaire, was about five or six months away from buying into a company called Burns Philp.  Me and an associate phoned his wife Robyn and said we needed to see him because we'd just picked up something that was going to be happen in his life that could be devastating. Robyn thought Graeme would not be interested.  "He bought into Burns Philp in Australia at $2.08 a share I think and two weeks later it was revalued to $0.08, he lost so much money.  It was in his chart which also indicated he would rebuild, which he did but he didn't need to go through that 9 figure shock.  Predicting a company downturn is relatively easy for me. A company is like a baby and a Director like its parent. Directors form a company, they name it and nurture it.  It's real no difference from a child."  "I'm going off on a bit of a tangent here but do you need to know or can you lead your life without knowing what future events are going to be?"

Peter:  "Quite a few people have no intention of looking into the future and they say there's no point, there's no reason, why do this?  they just live day by day.  But I say, "do they drive a car?  Yes!  And do they use head lights?  Yes! "Why? "Because they want to see the road ahead.  So why not illuminate your life ahead and see the advantages that can be taken, rather than blindly driving into holes in the road of life when they could easily avoid calamity? I bet they'd double check their doors at night if news broke there was an escaped and dangerous criminal in the area. Forewarned is forearmed and its sensible."


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