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Who Moved My Mouse?: Book review

Who Moved My Mouse?

Reviewed by's Melanie Scott

As the owner of an extremely anxious and needy cat, I immediately put my hand up to read Who Moved My Mouse? Billed as a Self-Help Book for Cats, the book's blurb offers to provide emotional solace to depressed and worried cats.

But before you think we're delving into the strange and self indulgent world of the cat whisperer, Who Moved My Mouse? is entirely tongue in cheek.

Part parody and part homage to our feline friends, Who Moved My Mouse? pokes fun at some of the best known self-help books in the business, including How to Win Friends and Influence People, Don't Sweat The Small Stuff and The Secret.

With tips for cats on how to get ahead like, "Become an early riser and force others to join you" or "Create a sense of lingering inferiority in humans", Who Moved My Mouse? is rib-snortingly funny. I was regularly laughing out loud, much to my own cat's clear distain.

Of course, a book like this is strictly for cat lovers only. Who would want to read a book about cats otherwise? But for those who are equally devoted and annoyed by their moggies, Who Moved My Mouse? is a hilarious little read.

And as for my anxious cat? He already seems to be living out many of the "tips" from Who Moved My Mouse? so I think he's doing just fine.


Who Moved My Mouse? By Dena Harris
Publisher: Hachette
RRP: $29.99
Available: now