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LIVE from NZ Fashion Week - Day Three is at New Zealand's most glamorous event - the Air New Zealand Fashion Week.

Alan Granville is learning not to mention rugby in his fashion articles, while Anna Gowan  is getting used to running the fashion gauntlet between the tents.

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Day Three

4:02pm - Alan -
Squally rain and a stiff breeze keep hitting the venue. Could cause all sorts of problems for the models.

3.30pm - Anna - There's big news in the media centre, splashed all over the whiteboard: Antonia Kidman is set to arrive this afternoon! Yes, the sister of the most over-paid woman in Hollywood is coming to New Zealand Fashion Week. Finally someone is on the scene to steal Petra Bagust's thunder.

1.50pm - Anna - Fashion scoop: Poor old Alan, so superior about his front row seat. You should have seen the look on his face when I was moved from second tier to the front row.... Maybe he'll have better luck at Zambesi.

Fortunately a Fashion Week old-hand offered expert advice about the transition: "Just pretend you belong here."  I'm just not sure I've got what it takes for the front row - when a rake-thin model wore a pair of ill-fitting pants down the catwalk, my neighbour leant over and muttered, "Fat." Crikey, I'd hate to hear her thoughts on my leotard and footless-tights fad of the late eighties.

12pm - Anna - Well as you can see, Alan hasn't fully adapted to a fashionista's lifestyle and still insists on turning up 'on-site' at 10am. No doubt he was just in time to see the first show of the day - cleaning the bathrooms.

We're off to Basquesse now, unfortunately the nasty ticket fairy saw fit allocate Alan a seat in the front row, while I'm relegated to the second tier. Word has it the goodie bags are better in the front row - we'll see.

11.12am - Alan - The daily Ginger Nuts and Chocolate Chip cookies have arrived in the Media Centre. Are they trying to make us fat so the models look slimmer?

10.15am - Alan - Just checked my tickets for today I think I have a hallowed Row A to look forward to. I am sure it is a typo but if it's not, I am on the front row for the Basquesse show at midday. This is a very big deal in fashion circles!

10am - Alan - It's day three for the team here and spirits are surprisingly high, or maybe that's coffee number two kicking in. It's a quieter day for us today but with the sun shining and the drink flowing (already) I am sure there will be lots to blog about.