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Change Your Life: Book review

Change Your Life:  Twelve Principles for Beautiful Living by Sarah Laurie

Some would say life coaching is a load of nonsense.  Not me. 

Life coach guru, Sarah Laurie has hit the nail on the head when it comes to improving your life and everything in it. 

With a brief introduction about how Laurie entered the world of altering who we are and what we have, Change Your Life falls into 12 sections.

This guide is more about 'doing' than writing so if you get off on ticking a checklist with each chapter, then this is for you.  Be prepared to get everything out of your head and down on paper - no matter how big or small your thoughts might be. 

Some of the exercises had me thinking long and hard, especially the life-balance wheel in Chapter 8 so be prepared to delve deep.  It's time to start as soon as you've invested in a good workbook, asked for support from another person, allocated time to make sure you complete the exercises, and are ready to write that journal.

In a nutshell, Laurie's advice is sound.  It isn't rocket science, it just makes sense - your thoughts create your reality.  Simple!   

It's also worth noting the colourful images that add vibrancy and accompany the ever-so-positive words that lie on each page. 

With quotes from various life coaches around the world, you can't help but be inspired.  There's nothing negative lurking in these pages.  This ever-so-easy to follow, step-by-step guide to sorting your life out and for good, will do just that.  Tick. 

And as she puts it herself, it's all over to you now! 

RATING: 9/10

Change Your Life:  Twelve Principles for Beautiful Living
RRP: $36.99
Publisher: Random House
Available: Now