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Celebrity Shopper: Book review

reviewed by's Steph Zajkowski

Just in time for Mother's Day comes the fourth novel in Carmen Reid's 'Shopper' series featuring personal shopper Annie Valentine.

In her latest adventure  Celebrity Shopper, Annie Valentine has moved from being a department store star to a telly star - she's now presenting her own TV fashion series.

Women everywhere relate to her because she's down to earth, flawed (and ever so slightly overweight) - her show offers a weekly round-up of practical, achievable fashion.

In my mind's eye, I had her as the literary version of Trinny and Susannah, without the posh accent.

Behind the scenes, and away from her 'pulled-together' on-screen persona, Annie is struggling, juggling, and trying to have it all.

As she comes to terms with the demands of her new fame, boyfriend Ed is struggling at home, left to look after their infant twin babies.

Not to mention, Annie's mum is battling Alzheimer's and her teenage kids Owen and Lana are presenting their own challenges.

She just doesn't have time for everyone, and something has got to give.

Will the beloved career go by the wayside so she can salvage her family life? Or will the world of fame and showbiz prove too seductive?

Like a trim cappucino, this story is sweet, frothy and not particularly filling.

But it's a cute, engaging read, set in London, with a bit of a flit across the channel to Paris.

Strictly for the girls, Carmen Reid's crafted a likeable character many of us will relate to.

Sometimes it's good to indulge and wallow in a bit of escapist fluff. Cappucino anyone?

Rating: 7/10

Celebrity Shopper by Carmen Reid
Publisher: Random House
RRP: $38.99
Available: Now