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Off The Radar by Te Radar

It's a romantic notion: Living off the bounteous land of Aotearoa, with its lush green climate and ability to provide everything we need. Only it's never that simple - just ask self confessed self sustainable comedian Te Radar.

As we all know having watched the TV ONE series Off The Radar ( click here to enter to win this DVD), he gave it his best go.

Starting off on the first day of spring (coincidentally his birthday), Radar finds himself on the land in Kaukapakapa trying to go back to basics and realising he's out of his depth at times.

Off The Radar - aka A man, a plan and a paddock - is an easy, enjoyable read.

Essentially it's a companion piece to the TV series - or if you don't fancy watching it on DVD - it gives a more diaried approach to the daily grind and the problems faced by a wannabe self sustainer.

It's clear Radar's a comedian - his writing oozes occasional dry sarcasm and wit as he negotiates everything which is thrown in his path. For example when he's told he's to grow a worm farm, he wryly remarks the only time he's ever grown worms has been internally.

Occasionally there is a mention of his producer who tells him things like shooting turkeys won't make it on screen - and there's many a chuckle to be raised by hearing the camera crew have failed to press record while he's spent ages trying to do things - like erect a tent and he'll have to do it again.

Off The Radar is a joy to read - not just because as a wannabe gardener, I can associate with some of his failings and successes - but also because it celebrates the wonderful characters which inhabit parts of rural New Zealand.

It's written in a fairly simplistic language and it zips along with drips of humour - it is also a joyous parable to the wonders of the NZ Number 8 wire as Radar tries to wade his way through an extremely wet winter and all the problems which that throws up.

At the end of the day, Off the Radar doesn't contain lots of handy hints on how you can grow things better and live off the land (after all, that's probably what the DVD is for).

But if you want an easy humorous read and some basic ideas on how to become self sustainable in these recessionary times, then Off The Radar is the perfect book for you.

RATING: 7/10

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Off The Radar by Te Radar
Publisher: HarperCollins
RRP: $29.99
Available: Now