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Life On Mars

Season one, episode 01 - summary

DCI Sam Tyler's world is about to be turned upside down. Moments after his girlfriend and colleague, Maya, is kidnapped by a serial killer, Sam is knocked unconscious by a car and wakes up... in 1973.

Sam discovers that in this strange new world full of cigarette smoking, gum chewing, unreconstructed men he's a DI starting his first day in a new precinct and he's got to prove himself to his new DCI, Gene Hunt.

Gene Hunt likes to throw his weight around. He acts first and thinks later. The only person in this alien world who reaches out to Sam is a young WPC, Annie Cartwright.

Dazed and confused, Sam finds it difficult to focus on the murder his new colleagues are investigating until he discovers a connection between this murder and the serial killer who kidnapped his girlfriend back in 2006.

Could solving this case be the key to getting home? Could it be a way to save Maya?

As Sam focuses on the case it seems that the biggest obstacle standing between him and success is his new DCI and his very different attitude to policing.

To Sam, a 21st Century liberal, Gene represents everything that is bad about the police force, everything that the force has tried to stamp out over the last 30 years. It's a rollercoaster ride as Sam and Gene go head to head. Can they stop battling one another long enough to join forces and get the job done?

Sam is faced with the biggest moral dilemma of his life when he realises that destroying evidence in 1973 could save Maya's life in 2006. But could it really?
As he hears doctors voices from 2006 bleeding through into 1973 Sam becomes increasingly convinced that he's in a coma and that none of this is real.

He stands on the roof of the police station poised to jump off and find out once and for all if this is real.