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Let's Get Inventin' on TV2

Let's Get Inventin'

Saturdays at 4.30pm

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About the show:

Let's Get Inventin' is a multi award winning, hugely popular reality TV series featuring kids aged 8 to 14 with amazing invention ideas competing to build their contraptions. The series is enjoyed throughout the world, screening in over 73 countries and the first New Zealand Children's TV format ever to be licensed by the BBC in the UK.

This is a fun family series where presenters Clinton Randell and Chris Stapp 'Mr. Metal' help breath life into wild concepts dreamt up by kids. 11 young inventors have secured patents for their innovations through the show. 

In the final episode 10, patent attorneys AJ Park select one inventor to win a $10,000 Patent Prize Package to have their idea patented in Australia and New Zealand.
This year Let's Get Inventin' and Genesis Energy are giving everyone the chance to have their invention made as well in the School Gen Energy Quest Competition. Kids create a YouTube clip and are in to win $5000 to have the invention made by the Let's Get Inventin' team. Entering at

In series Seven of Let's Get Inventin' Build Buddy Clinton Randell & Mr Metal are back to help build nine young inventors ideas and prepare them for their ultimate goal to complete their Goober Challenge.

With more death defying stunts & 9 crazy contraptions, what wild Goober Challenges will Baron Von Goober have in store for our courageous creators