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Laguna Beach

About The Show

About the show

Laguna Beach explores the lives of a group of beautiful teenagers who lead glamorous lives in a picturesque seaside town of pristine beaches and multi-million dollar homes. 

From the sandbox through high school, these students have shared their lives together, living in the same small-knit community and attending the same high school. 

This group is now a tight-knit clique, and they've granted cameras an all-access pass into their lives, relationships, friendships, families and homes. 

From spring break to prom to graduating and applying for college, they invite us along for the ride and into the real-life dramas that unfold during their pivotal junior and senior year in high school. 

What lies beneath the surface of this perfect community?  Does everyone really get along?  Who's dating who?  What does the future hold? 

This reality series has the look and feel of a scripted drama, without the conventions of reality television. 

There are no confessionals, no interviews, and the camerawork, editing and musical score are all approached from a narrative perspective. 

However, all the dialogue, reactions and situations are real and unscripted.  

Additionally, the series was shot with multiple Panasonic DVC Pro 50 Digital Video cameras, which are currently used in many feature films and commercials. 

Welcome to Laguna Beach!