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Two And A Half Men

Two And A Half Men - Watch First

Series 12, Episode 8 Family Buble And Deep Fried Turkey 19 Dec 14 00:20:27

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Kiwi Gold

Saturdays from 7.30pm | TVNZ Heartland

Kiwi Gold on Heartland

Kiwi Gold on TVNZ Heartland

Saturday nights in October, delve into TV history heaven with Penny Ashton, as the Kiwi Gold themed nights continue.

We look at the surprisingly colourful history of NZ politics; slip backstage on the sets of iconic Kiwi shows; take an awkward Kiwi holiday; and watch the youth of yesterday get up to no good.


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Youth Culture
Saturday 20 December at 7.30pm

The youth are a dirty, dangerous and ill-disciplined lot. And they always have been! From punk to disco, roller skating to space invaders, we show you what the youngsters got up to before Facebook and Instagram.


Music Festivals
Saturday 27 December at 7.30pm

Re-live the magic of New Zealand’s music festivals – from Redwood 1970 to 2000’s The Gathering. Whether you’re into kaftans and sandals or tie-dye and baggy jeans, you’ll be thoroughly entertained.




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