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Sport, Fitness, and Recreation Info Sheet

Job title/s
Recreation Programmer
Pool Lifeguard
Fitness Instructor

Job description

  • Providing exciting, fun and rewarding programmes for customers
  •  Ensuring the safety of the customers
  • Maintenance and cleaning
  • Attending to customers needs

Qualifications required/age restrictions

  •  The minimum age to be a Pool Lifeguard is 16 years
  •  First aid certificate recommended (often a pre-requisite to employment)
  •  Suggested subjects while at school: physical education, health studies, biology, English, communication skills

Training costs

On-job training fees (often paid by the employer)

Location of job

Centre/facility based, most roles indoors, some outdoor or offsite work.

Career path

Recreation Programmer/Lifeguard/Fitness Instructor
Supervisor/Team Leader
Assistant Manager/Duty Manager
Centre Manager

Salary range

$11 - $20 per hour

Other careers this profession could lead to

Health, Education/Teaching, Facility management, Event management, Community development/Recreation planning.

How to increase your chances of successfully entering this industry

  • Volunteer work in the desired entry level role
  • Enthusiasm, good 'people skills'
  • Responsible, mature
  • Sound judgement
  • Become a member of the New Zealand Recreation Association

Other places to source information about this job

  • Sfrito website
  • Local recreation facilities
  • Local council
  • Careers advisors