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Just The Job: Season four episode eight

Just The Job on TV2

Just The Job on TV2

Just The Job on TV2

Three more excellent career opportunities are profiled this week on Just the Job.

If you're looking for an exciting career offering something a bit out of the ordinary, then make sure you check out the show.

Frames and Trusses

Every building needs framework and this is a career where you can be an integral part of the building industry. Luke finds out that with the help of computers, all the frames and trusses of a home or building can be pre-assembled making the entire process streamlined and time efficient. It's not all about computers though, and Luke must put his measuring skills into practice along with learning how to use a nail gun.

Putting the frames and trusses together is one thing, pricing and designing the frames and trusses for a building is something else.  Luke takes a look at what's involved.  If you have a practical bent and a good eye for detail and think a building career could be on the cards for you, then this is one aspect of the building industry you can investigate further. 

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It's definitely not a job for the faint-hearted but drainlaying certainly has plenty of opportunity to develop a great career if you want to work outside in a physical role. Rory soon finds out that the physical aspect of the job plays an important part as he's put through his paces on the sledgehammer to crack through a chunk of concrete to find a drain. Being strong and fit is definitely an advantage but being able to get down drains is also part of the job so bigger isn't necessarily always better!

Drainlaying could see you doing anything from laying or repairing sewage and stormwater drains to installing and repairing waste water treatment systems. Being able to read plans and make accurate calculations and measurements all come into the job. And, given it's an outdoors kind of job, you also need to be prepared to work in all kinds of weather.

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Jamie is in for a few surprises when he checks out what goes on at both an aggregate and lime quarry. The role of a quarry worker is to remove minerals, rocks and stone from a quarry site, and usually process them further into roading or construction aggregate, industrial or agricultural lime, or into a commercial ingredient for a product (such as paint fillers).

The aggregate quarry Jamie visits first extracts some 400 tonnes of rock for roads and buildings every day. Large machinery is used and Jamie can't believe his luck to get behind the wheel of the digger on site.

Checking out the lime quarry, Jamie finds out explosives are used to blast thousands of tonnes of rock away and he's the one who's going to press the detonator. The experts are called in to set up the explosives safely and then Jamie blasts away from a safe distance. 

A great experience and a job that involves lots of teamwork and camaraderie, quarrying has plenty of opportunities available throughout the country and offers the chance to work with new technologies and equipment.

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To wrap up the show, make sure you watch Selwyn from Career Services who has more great advice about how to find the job you want.  

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