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Just The Job: Season five episode one

Just The Job on TV2

Just The Job on TV2

Royal New Zealand Air Force Special

Just the Job, the programme that presents career options you might not have even known existed, is back on screen launching the first show in this fifth series with a fascinating special looking at two of the many exciting possibilities offered by the RNZAF.

Air Warfare Specialist

Peter Clark from Onehunga High School in Auckland is first up and can't believe his luck when he gets to check out a career as an Air Warfare Specialist (AWS) aboard the air force P-3K2 Orion. He's always wanted to be a pilot but when he gets a taste of what the AWS role is all about, he discovers there's plenty more amazing opportunities with the RNZAF outside of flying the aircrafts.

Meeting up with his mentor Sergeant Simon Martelli, Peter is quickly immersed in an adventure to learn more about the role of an AWS. He finds out about the aircraft's state-of-the-art camera equipment and radar technology, before seeing where bombs and torpedoes are housed during times of combat. In its role as a search and rescue aircraft, the space is now filled with life raft and survival aides.

Inside the P-3, Peter gets familiar with an array of technical equipment operated during flight and is even given a role himself providing the optics brief as the team on board prepare for a real-life mission requested by the Ministry of Fisheries.

The Orion has been dispatched to investigate a fishing boat that may be illegally fishing in New Zealand waters. Descending to a lower altitude, safety comes first and the team equip themselves for flying at a lower level then set about detailing the boat's markings to check its legality.

It's all part of a day in the life of an AWS and at the end of what has been a real insight into an exciting career, Peter is left with an appreciation of the teamwork involved. "It's pretty cool!" sums up his thoughts about a job he previously knew nothing about.

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Air Security Specialist

While Peter has up in the Orion looking for a foreign boat fishing illegally, back on the ground Ashleigh Tauariki has teamed up with mentor Corporal Jerry Drummond, an air security specialist, who has been in the RNZAF for five years.

Jerry explains what's involved with the role and Ashleigh learns it covers a whole range of skills including investigation, ground defence, base and drill security which are applied to the likes of protecting an aircraft, protecting VIPs to providing security for convoys.

With that in mind, first stop is the rifle range as an air security specialist must be a proficient marksman. 

With paintball rifle in hand, Ashleigh tries her hand at target shooting and is then put through her paces 'in the field' so to speak with targets popping up as she works through the Real Action Marker training.

Next up she gains an insight into the role dogs play in the security of an air force base before learning about the '9 seconds to survive' rule when donning a protective suit and mask used in training for a biological, chemical, radioactive or nuclear event.

Investigation is also part of the air security special role and Ashleigh joins Corporate Olivia Davies and sees her interviewing skills at work and learns a little more about the investigation aspect of the job. 

Then it's on to the parade ground. Marching is the quickest and most efficient way to move groups of people from one area to another and Ashleigh tests her skills at getting the group to move as they should. 

Finally, Ashleigh is on night patrol with Sgt Jerry Drummond and his German shepherd when an intruder is apprehended. Maintaining the security of RNZAF aircraft is a vital aspect of the air security specialist's tasks as Ashleigh learns first hand.   

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