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Programme Facilitator

Job title


Job description

Programme Facilitators deliver intensive, therapeutic programmes to offenders serving sentences in the community or in prison.

The programmes aim to encourage participants to take responsibility for their offending and motivate them to change.

The role includes planning and preparing programme sessions and monitoring progress to enable optimal participation and effective learning.

The role involves working with probation and corrections officers, and sentence planners, as well as offender's families/whanau, hapu, iwi and community groups.

Qualifications required

A wide range of backgrounds may be suitable for facilitation work, including relevant experience.

When short listing we look for evidence that you can learn and apply theoretical ideas to your work.

We are also looking for people who think about the work they do and are seeking to do it better (self reflection).

A background in psychology, social work, counselling or a related area is desirable, as is knowledge and experience of Te Reo and protocols of Maori and Pacific peoples.

Training cost

Corrections provides a full training curriculum for new Programme Facilitators.

The initial training is a ten week programme including five weeks in a training environment and held in either Wellington, Christchurch, Auckland or Hamilton.

In between the modules there are structured activities to be completed back at your home base so you begin to see and learn about the facilitator role.

The content of the training includes the theory and practice of being a facilitator.

The programmes are based on psychological theory and are designed to assist offenders to understand the cause of their offending.

Training also includes group skills, working with offenders, understanding Maori and Pacific Island concepts and programme content.



A person is appointed to the area advertised and can be expected to work from any office in the location within its metropolitan area.

This can be moved from time to time depending on the demand for programmes.

Career path

Within the Service, you can become a Supervising Facilitator, Team Leader and Manager Programme Delivery.

There are also opportunities to work on projects at Area, Regional and National level.

While you are working as a Programme Facilitator there are opportunities for secondment, special projects, and head office work.

Salary range

Staff progress through three competency based steps to the top level salary.

The base salary for these steps are:
Appointment: $51,645
Competent: $57,384
Advanced: $63,122

Other careers this profession could lead to

Dependant on qualifications, you may also apply for a Psychologist role.

How to increase the chances of successfully entering this industry

If you have had experience delivering courses to groups or any experience with adult training/course facilitation, this could be helpful. 

Other places to source information about this job

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Other relevant points

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A full driver licence is needed for this role We will consider applications from candidates with a restricted driver licence, however all job offers will be conditional on the candidate obtaining their full driver licence.