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Just the Job: Season three, episode seven

This week on Just the Job, we have three more exciting careers to check out and you never know, one of them could end up being the career for you!


Vicky is heading off to find out what the varied world of surveying is all about in our first story.

It's a wide ranging profession which could involve anything from determining land boundaries, to creating maps, designing and planning commercial products, or structures such as buildings or boats.

One of the best aspects of the job is that a surveyor could find themselves either indoors or outdoors in some interesting locations. Vicky even discovers surveying played a big role in the building of the tunnels on the new motorway extension north of Auckland.

"I learnt there are lots of different types of surveying and also lots of job opportunities out there," says Vicky at the end of her experience.

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If you think forestry is all about cutting down trees, then don't miss this story.

A career in forestry is wide ranging and qualifications can range from diploma levels right through to university degrees.

Ryan is interested to learn about some of the many different career opportunities forestry can offer having lived near a Mosgiel forestry region all his life.

He gets the opportunity to find out more about many aspects of forestry from how forests are planned, the technology and software used within the industry, to the infrastructure that goes into the creation of forest areas.

Ryan even gets to try his hand at planting and realises there is definitely a skill involved in getting that right!

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Automotive Collision Repair

Riley is looking for a career where he can be hands on and automotive collision repair certainly fits the bill.

Heading to Perfect Autobody in Christchurch to find out more, Riley is given a fantastic insight into how cars are assessed to determine if they are repairable, right through to some hands on experience at repairing a section of a damaged bumper himself.  

Riley learns the work has become more specialised with the range of modern cars that require specific repair techniques or have particular manufacturer specific repair requirements.

With no two accidents the same, every job is different and today is aided by continually changing specialised technology. With a career path that can lead to specialisation, Riley definitely thinks this could be a job for him in the future.

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Tip of the Week

This week Career Consultant Sarah shares details about the new parents and whanau section on the website that offers a range of excellent information from NCEA and subject selection to future work trends and tips from other parents about how to help a young person make good decisions for their career future.