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Just the Job: Season three, episode four

This week on Just the Job, we offer you the chance to go behind the scenes of three jobs that are both challenging and fascinating.

Whether you think you might enjoy working with your hands or perhaps you're a good organiser, then check out the careers in this week's show.

Commercial Construction

Talanoa is hoping to get a feel for what it would be like to work on a construction site so under the guidance of Fletcher's construction manager Gus Smith, Talanoa is taken to a construction site and armed with the basic equipment he would need on the job. 

Talanoa discovers there are a range of different roles on a construction site and the chance to spend time learning them all is definitely possible.

First up he looks at the carpenter's role and visits a work site where he gets hands on with the wood working equipment being used to make balustrades.

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Sam has been interested in trains since childhood so it's a great experience for him to see what happens with freight and passenger services with Kiwi Rail.

First up he's off to the administration centre to see out how the freight finds its way to the right destination!

He also gets an insight into the role of a shunter in the marshalling yard where the train wagons must be loaded into the right order.

Sam soon realises that there are many roles within rail, including being a driver or a signal man, and that it's very much a team environment.

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Taine is up at 2am to check out what goes on at a top Hawkes Bay bakery and has his fingers crossed he might even get to make something himself.

After a tour of the operation at Heavens Bakery where he finds out about the different ovens used for the different products, the range of products and different departments involved, Taine is keen to get some 'on the job' experience.

It might be his first time but he manages to pull off a very presentable pinwheel scone and then helps out with the finishing touches to a very impressive Just the Job chocolate cake.

Taine learns the baking industry can be very rewarding - making a product that is enjoyed and sought after by customers is certainly an upside. 

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Tip of the Week

This week Career Consultant Selwyn has advice for those at school or about to leave who may need some guidance about what subjects to take or how to find out more about a career they are interested in.

Using the website, you can check out a range of interactive quizzes that can help match your skills, subjects or interests with different jobs.