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Just the Job: Season three, episode eight

This week on Just the Job, we've got another three fantastic careers for you to check out.

Heavy machinery and logistics are the themes for this show and while these might not be careers you are thinking about, you might be surprised when you see the excellent opportunities surround the particular careers we're profiling.

Freight Forwarding - Export

In episode five, Brittany was fascinated to check out the freight forwarding import business.

In this show, she's finding out how perishable goods make it out of New Zealand and arrive at their overseas destination in excellent condition.

At Hellman Perishable Logistics in Christchurch, Brittany finds out how beautiful Marlborough salmon finds its was to Asia and the USA in specialised containers.

The job of the freight forwarding company is to ensure the flight bookings and documentation is in order for the export but also to troubleshoot if any problems arise. It calls for quick thinking and decision making and good organisation.

Check out how Brittany gets on when she has to troubleshoot an order that needs more freight space than originally booked.

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Automotive Heavy Engineering

Automotive Heavy Engineering is the service and repair of heavy vehicles, such as trucks, buses and fire engines. Casey is interested to find out more about a career in this field so he's off to Heslop Motors in Nelson to find out more.

First up is helping out on a truck pre Certificate of Fitness test, then he's off on a call out to a roadside rescue. A bus has broken down and it seems like there is a starter motor problem.

Casey helps identify the problem and is then off back to the workshop where a brand new fire truck is in for a service. A computer diagnostic is done to check for any issues needing attention.

Well suited to someone with a mechanical interest, it looks like Casey has found a possible career for the future.

"It was fantastic, a great experience and I'm looking forward to taking it further," says Casey.

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Rural Contracting

Nathan has grown up in the country and seen what rural contractors do but he's keen to get a closer look at as this is something he could see himself pursuing as a career.

He's off to Slattery Contracting in Matamata, where he's soon off to a job where a mower blade has been damaged on a post and needs replacing. Next up, he's aboard the mower and is surprised by the computer technology it utilises.

With rural contracting covering everything involving machinery to help a farmer get the best out of his land, haymaking is another element of the job Nathan checks out. Well suited to someone not afraid of hard work in outdoor conditions - be it summer or winter - good rural contractors are in high demand.

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Tip of the Week

This week Career Consultant Selwyn talks about the fact that your skills and interests change as you progress so choosing one career for the rest of your life is unrealistic. What you love doing now could be different in 10 years time. Instead, he advises you pick a field of interest that you want to learn more about and get started.

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