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Job sheet: Surveying Assistant

Job title 
Surveying Assistant

Job description
A Surveying Assistant is responsible for collecting basic survey information under the supervision of a professional surveyor or survey technician.

Surveying Assistant tasks include:

  • Assisting surveyors and surveying technicians to carry out surveys
  • Carrying out basic topographical surveys using electronic equipment like GPS or total stations
  • Downloading field survey data
  • Constructing and placing surveying marks
  • Maintaining survey vehicles, equipment and supplies

Qualifications required/age restrictions

A National Certificate in Surveying (Assistant) is offered by InfraTrain New Zealand (the infrastructure industry training organisation).

A full, clean Driver Licence is recommended.

Training costs
As training is done on the job, there is generally no cost to the trainee. 

Location of job
Work is mainly outdoors. There are job opportunities throughout New Zealand.

Career path
There are good opportunities for progression within the surveying industry. 

Upon successful completion of the National Certificate, Surveying Assistants can progress to the National Diploma in Surveying. 

On completion of the National Diploma it is possible to progress to a Bachelor in Surveying at Otago University.

  • National Certificate in Surveying (Assistant) - Level 3
  • National Diploma in Surveying - Level 6
  • Bachelor in Surveying

Salary range
Salaries vary, but unqualified Survey Assistants can earn between $27,000 and $38,000 per year, depending on where you work, experience, ability and whether you are studying for the National Certificate in Surveying (Assistant).

Other careers this profession could lead to
Professional Land Surveyor
Project Manager
Asset Manager
Quantity Surveyor
Mine Surveyor

Tips on how to increase the chances of successfully entering this industry

  • Take English, Maths and Trigonometry at school
  • Talk to a local surveying company to see if you can spend some time gaining work experience
  • Gain a Driver Licence as early as possible
  • Be keen and have a 'can do' attitude

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