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Ever thought about working in the State Sector?
Variety and opportunity characterise the State Sector and the work is exciting, interesting and challenging. It's all about making a difference to the lives of New Zealanders.

What is the State Sector?
The State Sector is a term used to cover the more than 260,000 people who work in a variety of jobs in organisations that report to the Crown.

It's made up of organisations that are responsible for:
- developing policies to improve New Zealand society
- delivering services and programmes to achieve government's aims for New Zealanders.

These organisations and their staff touch the lives of New Zealanders in many different ways - from collecting your tax, to providing benefits through to making sure our roads are safe.

Some are government departments, like Ministry of Social Development, the Department of Labour, Inland Revenue, Ministry of Heritage and Culture, Department of Conservation (DOC), Statistics NZ.

Some are non-public Service Departments like the NZ Police and the NZ Defence Force.

Some are Crown Entities like Housing New Zealand Corporation, ACC, Land Transport NZ, NZ Qualifications Authority, the NZ Tourism Board and even Te Papa.

To find out more about the different agencies in the state sector go to

What kinds of jobs are there?
In the State Sector you could be a scientist, a lawyer, a health worker, a police officer, a tenancy manager, a statistician and many more things - the sky is your limit!

Some roles you might need to wear a suit - others a uniform, and for some even jeans and tee-shirts.

You could work for a small organisation or a large one that could employ over 1000 staff. Many of them have offices all over the country - you might work in a city or a rural community. Think about the Police and Fire stations, Work and Income offices, Housing New Zealand Neighbourhood units and ACC offices in towns and cities you've seen across the country.

We all start somewhere. You can join the State Sector at any time in your career and at any level. Some people join the state sector as experienced managers, leaders or specialists in a field, some join straight from school or university. Some come into front-line roles where they are working directly in service delivery with the organisations customers/clients and some come into roles in the 'back office' like IT, finance, or administration working behind the scenes to help the agency achieve its aims.

 Public Sector training opportunities
As an employee you would be encouraged and supported to develop new skills and meet your career aspirations.

Most State Sector agencies run induction programmes so you can learn about the organisation and what it aims to achieve. They'll also run technical training courses, for example courses on computer systems and processes so you learn all that you need to know to perform your role.

People working in the State Sector can do NZQA qualifications and be supported to complete tertiary qualifications relevant to their role.
What makes people start and stay in the Public Sector?
Working in the State Sector is exciting and challenging - because of the political environment and the diverse range of customers and communities your agency would be supporting. The rewards are that you'll know that your work is making a positive difference to people's lives, businesses and New Zealand society as a whole. State Sector employers encourage Equal Employment Opportunities - and your career in the State Sector doesn't have to stop if you decide to have kids or travel - you'd be welcomed back.
State Sector organisations offer a range of benefits and entitlements that support people's heath and wellness and ongoing professional development. For example at Housing New Zealand Corporation, staff are encouraged and supported  to take up on-the-job learning through secondments, where you get to try out different roles, project work, and formal training opportunities. You get to work with and learn from other professionals in the organisation and across the Sector so you keep up best practice. Housing New Zealand Corporation supports staff to gain the National Certificate in Public Sector Services (Client/Customer Services) Level 4. This NZQA Certificate supports the competencies, skills and knowledge of staff working face to face with customers and communities.  Other State Sector  organisations like MSD offer it their staff too - so the qualification is transferable, that is, if you decided to go and work for MSD or visa versa, then your qualification would be recognised by the new employer - that might just give your the advantage over others applying for the same job.

Housing New Zealand Corporation also offers staff a Scholarship programme where people are supported financially and with study time to complete tertiary qualifications relevant to their role.

Career Journeys
It's often not just one job or one place of work! People move around and up in State Sector agencies. Here's a view of just one man's experience with HNZC....

Garry started as a tenancy manager, working 'on the ground' with HNZC's tenants in Mangere, Auckland. In that job he managed around 360 state houses and worked with the tenants living in them for three years. In that time Garry got involved in lots of projects and learnt a lot about HNZC. He then worked in Christchurch for two years leading the roll out of a two new and significant national policies for the organisation. He then applied for a job at HNZC's national office in Wellington where he got to advice staff, from the General Manager through to frontline staff on best practice tenancy management. Garry then took up a secondment to Dunedin where he was the manager of the teams working in offices in Dunedin, Invercargill, Timaru and the West Coast. He then applied for a 2-year fixed term role as the Minister of Housing's Private Sectary based in Parliament. After that role finished he came back to the Corporation and is now manager of the Operational Policy team.

Where could you find out more about jobs in the State Sector?
Each agency has there own website with links to their recruitment portals.
A good place to get an overall view is
For jobs at Housing New Zealand Corporation go to