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Flooring Installation Info Sheet

Job title

Carpet Installation - 'Covering your future'

Job description:

" Floor preparation
" Putting down smooth edge to secure product to floor
" Applying underlay, followed by carpet. 

A variety of products used and could be one room in a house to a whole house, or a commercial site.

Qualifications required

* No age restrictions
* Basic entry level maths and English is required
* A focus on technology subjects, i.e. woodwork, is advantageous
* Have, or be working towards, a drivers licence

Training costs

There is a block course fee for each year of their apprenticeship to attend Flooring School in Christchurch. These courses are heavily funded by the ITO, but the apprentice is required to pay a portion of the fees. This ranges from $350 - $800 depending whether it's a first, second or third stage course, and which aspect of flooring they are training in, i.e. carpet/vinyl, timber flooring.

Location of job

Indoors - both domestic and commercial sites. Huge variety, location changes constantly.

Career path

* Three year apprenticeship training
* Post qualification experience
* Can branch into a variety of roles within the industry as below

Salary range

Entry level to senior trades-person = $24,500 to $75,000+ for salaried persons 
$60,000 to $130,000 for self employed contractors

Other careers this profession could lead to:

* Self-employed contractor
* Operating a team of installers within their own business
* Product wholesaler/distributor
* Retailing for a flooring company, customer service focus
* Account Manager/selling roles in manufacturing companies
* Management within a flooring company
* Training roles within a company

How to increase the chances of successfully entering this industry:

:Spend some time during school holidays working with a flooring company or flooring contractor. 
An after school job working in a flooring warehouse may also create opportunities. 

Other places to source information about this job:

Website -

Regional Apprentice Co-ordinators - can look up local representative on the website

NZ Flooring ITO National Office - 0800-777-055

Any other relevant points:
* Individuals get 'paid to learn' and it is 'on-the-job' training
* A construction based environment suited to those who are practically minded and enjoy hands-on physical work
* The flooring industry has a strong creative/design element
* National Certificate in Flooring is recognised both nationally and internationally
* Huge variety, no two days the same