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Fish Farm technician info sheet

Job title
Fish Farm Technician

Job description
To provide assistance in operating marine or freshwater farms.
This involves growing and harvesting fish in specially prepared marine cages or freshwater runways to enhance their value. The technician is involved with monitoring fish and their health; feeding and data collection. Technology such as computerised feeding systems and underwater sensors for counting fish are increasing the efficiency of feeding regimes and the accuracy of inventories on salmon farms.
Routine maintenance can include diving to cleaning and mending lines, ropes and nets on the fish farm. On a marine fish farm driving and navigating boats is the mode of transport. Marine farm workers work in shifts, ranging from four to seven days on and three to seven days off.

Qualifications required


  • Work experience in the outdoors, especially on the water
  • Hard working, reliable and efficient, with an eye for detail 
  • Communications skills to work well independently and in small teams supervised by a Fish Farm Supervisor


  • Farming or horticulture work experience 
  • Boating handling and navigation skills 
  • Skipper ticket 
  • OSH certified Occupational Diver 
  • Forklift/crane ticket 
  • Drivers license 
  • First aid certificate and oxygen providers cert 
  • Potential middle management

There are no required entry qualifications or study to get a job as a Fish Farm Technician.
Qualifications are completed by employees in the workplace, overseen by the Seafood Industry Training Organisation, SITO:

National Certificate Aquaculture level 2
National Certificate Seafood in Aquaculture level 3
National Certificate Aquaculture level 4
National Certificate Aquaculture (Diving) level 4
National Certificate Diving (Foundation) level 3
National Certificate Maritime level 3
National Certificate First Line Management level 3
National Certificate First Line Management level 4
National Certificate Business Administration level 3
National Certificate Business Administration level 4

Location of job
Marlborough, Golden Bay, Canterbury, Mt Cook region, Stewart Island.
Career progression:
Fish Farm Technicians can advance into supervisory and management roles.
Career path:
Fish Farm Shiftworker - Fish Farm Supervisor - Fish Farm Management
Fish Farm Harvester - Fish Farm Harvest Supervisor - Fish Farm Harvest manager

Salary range
Marine farm workers usually earn between $13 and $15 per hour depending on experience
$30 k (general hand, no experience, no qualifications) to $70+ k

Other careers this profession could lead to
Hatchery Supervisor
Hatchery Manager
Aquaculture Operations Manager
Aquaculture Research & Development

Tips on how to increase the chances of successfully entering this industry
Contact local companies for work experience.
Be prepared to work.

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