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Fire Risk Management Officer

Job title  

Fire Risk Management Officer

Qualifications required

Minimum of 3 years secondary education. Many people acquire tertiary qualifications prior to joining the NZ Fire Service.

Training costs 

All career training provided by the NZ Fire Service.

Career path  

Normally starting as a paid operational firefighter with an option to progress into fire risk management as skills, knowledge and experience develop.

Salary range  

$62k - $95K

Other careers this profession could lead to

Private Fire Investigation, Territorial Authority building and consents, employment in other fire services in Australasia.

How to increase the chances of successfully entering this industry

Demonstrate a passion for promoting the wellbeing of other people through active involvement in voluntary organisations, leadership roles in camps, sports teams.

A reasonable standard of fitness is required.

Other places to source information about this job

Visit the NZ Fireservice website:

Other relevant points

The NZ Fire Service is a national organisation and opportunities exist to work in various locations around the country as the skills you acquire throughout a fire service career are recognised through New Zealand and in most fire services in Australia.