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Ep 7 - Restaurants Manager, SKYCITY Auckland

Job description

The Restaurants Manager is responsible for the efficient and effective running of SKYCITY Auckland’s Federal Street restaurants and bars.  This includes ‘ The Grill by Sean Connolly’, ‘dine by Peter Gordon’, Al Brown’s ‘Depot’ & ‘Bellota’

The Restaurants Manager is specifically responsible for leading, motivating and coaching team members (five direct reports with a total team of 80 people) to provide exceptional customer service, products and value to guests.  Day to day responsibilities also include recruiting staff, writing rosters, managing costs and operational budgets, marketing and promotion, identifying opportunities to improve restaurant performance, trouble-shooting and making decisions on any issues that arise.

Qualifications required

For a successful career in front-of-house hospitality, tertiary qualifications aren’t essential.  However, at management level, a relevant tertiary qualification may add value to your capability as a leader.  Such qualifications could include short courses, diplomas or degrees in human resources, business or hospitality management, or finance.

Training costs

A Restaurants Manager requires a General Managers Certificate which is issued by Auckland Council.  SKYCITY covers the cost of this Certificate for positions that require it.

All SKYCITY employees are required to pass an e-learning module on Host Responsibility before commencing employment.  This enables staff to identify the indicators of problem gambling and problem drinking, and provides them with tools to deal with patrons accordingly.

Career path

There’s no specific career path for a Restaurants Manager, but it’s generally assumed you’ll have proven experience working across a range of customer-facing roles in the restaurant/bar environment.  You’ll also have good experience leading and motivating teams of people, and some experience working with budgets or finances. 

Salary range

Earning potential in the hospitality sector varies greatly and depends very much on both your employer, and the path you take.  For an entry-level, front-of house role, pay rates start at around $14 per hour.  Management salaries can range from $60,000 to $100,000 or more, and some salary packages may include bonuses linked to the performance of the business. 

Other careers this profession could lead to

Within SKYCITY, the Restaurants Manager could go on to become General Manager, Food & Beverage, a role that oversees SKYCITY’s 24 restaurants and bars within Auckland.  The Restaurants Manager could also move across to an operations management role in another part of the business, depending on the individual’s transferable skills and their capability as a leader.  

A Restaurants Manager would have the skills and experience to open and operate their own hospitality business.  Likewise, someone who’s owned and operated their own restaurant or bar could be seen as an ideal person for the Restaurants Manager role.

How to increase the chances of successfully entering this industry

While there are tertiary education providers who offer courses in a range of hospitality disciplines, there are no essential qualifications required to enter the hospitality industry.  Of most importance is attitude: to have a successful career in hospitality, you need to be flexible, resilient, hard working, committed and passionate.  A positive attitude, a friendly and outgoing nature, and the ability to remain calm under pressure are the key ingredients to providing customers with a great experience. 

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Other relevant points

Hospitality is an industry that lets you travel.  Any experience you gain in hospitality, be it front-of-house or in the kitchens, can be used anywhere in the world.

The variety of positions in hospitality is immense and, with some employers, you may get the opportunity to try your hand at a number of different jobs in order to help you work out what you’re best at.