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Community Work Supervisor

Job title


Job description

Community Work Supervisors oversee and manage up to ten offenders serving sentences on meaningful projects at schools, reserves, community groups, marae and churches - whatever the community needs.


  • organise work projects,
  • share their practical knowledge and skills,
  • coach offenders on the safe use of tools and equipment
  • provide a positive role model ,
  • keep records of offender attendance.

The sentence of community service provides:

  • reparation to the community
  • a pro social and culturally responsive environment
  • an opportunity for offenders to acquire or improve work and social skills.

Community work supervisors often work part time and may also work on weekends.

Qualifications required

A current full drivers license*

A current First Aid Certificate.

Basic knowledge of MS Office applications is desirable but is not essential

Training cost

On the job training is provided.

Further skills are gained through the self assessment competency programme and through training and development planning which is undertaken at least twice a year with their manager.

Community Work Supervisors are allocated four hours every two months to complete the ten stage competency programme.

They also receive First Aid Training.


Community Work Supervisors are appointed to an Area and will be assigned to a particular Service Centre.

However, they may be required to move to another Service Centre within their Area to meet operational needs.

Career path

A number of Community Work Supervisors become Senior Community Work Supervisors.

In this role they lead and manage teams of Community Work Supervisors and work closely with the community to identify suitable projects for offenders.

They also do quite a bit of reporting, so good computer skills are required for this role.

Some Community Work Supervisors have progressed into the role of Probation Officer where they work more closely with individual offenders, ensuring that they complete their sentence and helping them to make better choices in their lives.

Salary range

Step One $18.99/hour
Step Two $19.62/hour
Step Three $20.90/hour

Staff progress through competency based steps in order to receive hourly rate increases (as above).

Once a community work supervisor has completed five competencies, their hourly rate increases to the Step 2 rate and once they have completed ten, their hourly rate increases to the Step 3 rate

Other careers this profession could lead to

Senior Community Work Supervisor, Probation Officer or a role within the Prison Service.

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* A full driver licence is needed for this role We will consider applications from candidates with a restricted driver licence, however all job offers will be conditional on the candidate obtaining their full driver licence.