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This week on Just the Job we profile three more fascinating careers and learn that's there a whole lot more going on behind the scenes.

Leanne Fisher (17) from Western Heights High School in Rotorua has certainly enjoyed the fun of the luge at Skyline Skyrides. With an interest in tourism, she wants to find out more about the operational aspects of a thriving tourist attraction.

Bevan Randell (19) is a practical guy and decides to see if his woodwork skills can help him develop a successful career in joinery.
Dexter Henderson (16) from Western Springs College knows his future lies in the sports area, but where exactly?


Leanne thought the luge operators at Rotorua's Skyline Skyrides didn't really have to do much, but after some hands on experience, she finds out there's more to this job than meets the eye.
Leanne discovers while it might sound easy advising customers how to control the luge cart, when there's a line of people waiting and the pressure is on, maintaining a high level of customer service becomes more challenging.

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The Joinery Industry

Bevan has been interested in woodwork since he was a kid and thinks his skill with a hammer and nails will stand him in good stead for a joinery career. But, as he finds out, a hammer and nails is not always part of the job in the precise world of joinery.
He'll need to a careful eye for detail, excellent co-ordination and some solid maths skills if he was to make a success in this varied industry.

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Sports, Fitness and Recreation

Dexter loves sports and has lots of sports knowledge so he's determined to find a career that suits his passion. Just the Job gives him the opportunity to take a closer look at what's involved working in a recreation centre, a public swimming pool and a gym. Dexter soon realises there plenty of scope if he really does want to continue investigating this career path.

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Tip of the Week

This week Career Consultant Sarah McIndoe gives some great advice on how to find what you're passionate about and turning that into a career.

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