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2007 ep nine fact sheet

This week on Just the Job, there were three more career opportunities that just might be what you're looking for; glass, landscaping and retail building.

Glass - Metro Glass

Leon Vannoort (16) from Christchurch's Middleton Grange School is very interested in investigating a career in the trades. He is given a fascinating look at what goes on throughout a glass factory and then what goes on once the glass has left the factory. Leon learns this growth industry offers a wide range of jobs from supervisory roles to operations, sales, customer service and management. He also realises that his dream to perhaps be a contractor in the industry one day, will only happen after a steep but interesting learning curve.

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Horticulture - Landscaping

Ashley Cassin from Lincoln High in Christchurch knows he's interested in a physical, outdoor occupation where he can make his mark on the environment. The challenges of landscaping seem perfectly suited to his wish list when it comes to a career when he finishes school.
Ashley discovers there's a lot more to landscaping than simply planting and maintenance when he spends some time with Adam Pollard from Morgan Pollard Landscaping. He'll need a whole range of skills from carpentry to plumbing and tiling and design if he's to make a success in this industry.

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Retail - Building Trade 

Matt Ward (17) from Rosmini College likes mixing with people so he's keen to check out whether a career in retail might suit his personality. At Mitre 10, he spends some time learning about retail management with Janine Pretty, who has already achieved a management role and she's not yet 25.
Janine gives Matt an overview of the different aspects of retail management, then throws him in the hot seat as a mystery shopper to see whether Mitre 10 staff are offering the customer service they should.

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Tip of the week

Career consultant Sarah McIndoe's tip this week discusses what you can do when looking for a training course. She advises people to shop around, investigate thoroughly what's offered, the costs and to get a feel for the training environment.

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