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Jamie Saves Our Bacon

Part studio show and part observational documentary, Jamie Oliver shows an audience of cheap pork eaters how the majority of the pork meat consumed in Britain reaches the dinner table.

About the show

JAMIE SAVES OUR BACON is a headline-grabbing, 90 minute special in which Jamie Oliver will show a live audience of cheap pork eaters how the majority of the pork meat we consume reaches our plate and deconstruct that process in brutal detail. 

The show is the natural successor to Jamie's Fowl Dinners yet builds on it's ambitions and will use the best elements of factual theatre to deliver a powerful, high profile proposition.

Part studio show, part observational documentary and part stunt, the aim is for Jamie to give the viewer a complete inside view of the pork industry and to give them the tools so that they may make better informed choices.

The show is centrally held in a studio, an evolution from Jamie's Fowl Dinners - designed to reproduce the look and feel of a modern, London restaurant but with zoned areas in which different processes will be carried out. 

Live animals are brought to the studio to illustrate some of the daily truths of pig farming, from live birth to boar 'milking' to  tail docking, no detail is spared as this process is recreated in front of our live audience. 

An array of fixed and roaming cameras film every aspect of this process: close-ups of the meat; swooping crane shots of the action, cut and mixed live as Jamie brings alive every process that creates the pork we eat in front of the shocked audience.  

The show also has a number of packaged VTs. These include Jamie going to Denmark to track down pig farms where welfare standards are well below those in the UK.  The question is; will he gain access to these extremely distressing scenes in which sows are kept in small cages for their entire productive life? 

Other VTs include stunts such as Pig Brother in which Joanna Lumley discovers firsthand what it's like to live like a pig in s**t and Pigs of Light in which great British organizations are named and shamed for their lack of loyalty to the British pig farmer.

One thing's for sure, you'll never look at your banger in quite the same way again.