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Islands of Britain


About Islands of Britain

Islands of Britain is currently off-air.

About the show

Martin Clunes sets off on a journey through hidden Britain, exploring some of  the 1000 or so islands around the coast of the UK. In the three-part series, he travels from the country's far northern oceans, to wild western waters, and to the southerly seas. Martin meets the people who live on the islands of Britain,  shares their experiences and finds out what it's really like to wake up each day surrounded by water. 

 In the final episode, Martin explores islands off the south coast of the British mainland.

 His first stop is Guernsey in the Channel Islands. It's a tax haven, popular with wealthy settlers. But Martin discovers there's also a darker side to Guernsey life - drug smuggling. 

 Martin's next stop is Sark, another channel island. With just 600 inhabitants, Martin discovers that Sark is in a timewarp; at the time of filming it's the last feudal state in Europe and the only motorised vehicles allowed are tractors.

Martin then heads for St Michael's Mount, a tiny island comprising a castle and a few houses, just off the Cornish coast, before continuing on to the Scilly Isles, off Land's End in Cornwall.