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Danny "Cage" Devine

Danny "Cage" Devine is New Zealand's "Man of the Land"

* 29-year-old professional horse-musterer, whisperer, shepherd, fencer, rodeo-enthusiast and all-round man-of-the-land

* Was the shepherd who carried "Shrek the Sheep" down the mountain on his shoulders

* Competes in Rodeo in both New Zealand and Australia

* He travels the country - wherever his work leads him - recently he was at a High Country station for 2 months breaking in a pack of horses

* Is a giant of a man - is 6 ft 6 in tall, and weighs 112kg

* His first love is breaking in wild horses - his father used to do it too

* Loves the adrenalin rush of the rodeo - says he is an adrenalin junkie

* Proudest achievement - winning Arbuckle Rodeo for Bareback Riding, even though he was told he was too big to be competitive

* Earned "handfuls of cash" in Aussie mustering cattle but would never move there, says Kiwis work harder than Aussies!

* His dream holiday would be doing the rodeo circuit in Canada "as long as my money and body held out"

* Has a genuine love of the land - is most at home in the hills of the High Country.