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Episode Three - Watershed

Wednesday February 22 at 9.30pm

Russell must save Jesse after the teen is knocked unconscious by a mysterious, unknown force while checking out a submerged mobile home with Kira. 

Russell also worries about Mariel's strange behavior. 

Meanwhile, Larkin suspects that Underlay knows about a possible military cover-up, and Dave searches for the meaning of the inscription found on a wedding band.

Secrets Revealed

- Mariel is washing a cup when she becomes transfixed by the flowing water&

- Jesse and Kira discuss how a classmate of their's is still missing.

- Dave takes the wedding ring he found to a local jeweller whose shop had been devastated by the hurricane.

- Jesse and Kira swim out to investigate an upturned camper in the middle of an expanse of water. After Jesse notices a glowing section of water in the flooded camper, the water launches him back violently.

- When Russell retrieves him, he notices a glowing orb of light swimming away from the camper underwater.  Russell takes the badly injured Jesse to hospital where Mariel takes charge.

- The jeweller tells Dave the inscription ("Two Become One") on the wedding ring was an amateur job and that the ring had been fitted to someone's specific finger, with a date mark on the work - Feb 14, 1986.

- When asked by Russell, Mariel says that Jesse's wounds aren't like those on the air force man from the last episode. They are just glass cuts.

- While filming a pap piece, Larkin notices a convoy of large unmarked trucks heading into Homestead.

- Back at the hospital, an upset Kira tells Mariel and Russell that Jesse saw something just before he was injured. She doesn't know what. Upset, she takes off.

- Larkin asks Sheriff Underlay about the trucks and shows him photos. Evasive, he claims to know nothing, despite having just stated that no one goes in or out of town without his knowledge. Larkin presses him, bringing up Paxton, mentioning that she spoke to his wife. This perturbs Underlay. Larkin states she is gonna find out what is really going on. "You can help me get the story, or you can be the story," she says to Underlay.

- Underlay sets up a meeting between Larkin and General Turner of the Army, the highest ranking military officer in the area. Larkin shows him the pictures and asks about the trucks. The General says they are a cleaning crew sent to sort out a busted sewage plant in Key Largo. Larkin is grateful, but sceptical, revealing to Underlay that the sewage plant in question shut down months earlier. He warns her not to dig any deeper, that it's a highly classified operation and says he's only in the loop because they couldn't operate down there without him. Larking pushes further and Underlay admits that they are operating out of Key Largo, but that it is dangerous for her to know.

- Russell checks in on Jesse at the hospital. While he is there situation becomes suddenly drastic but Mariel is no where to be seen. She's off somewhere entranced in water again. It seems Jesse's body is rejecting the blood transfusion. Mariel arrives and is surprised as the blood he is getting is&her own blood!

- Dave drops Kira off at Mariel and Underlay's house, where he goes inside to use the radio to check up on Jesse, about who's situation Kira has informed him. Dave checks out photos on Underlay and Mariel's dresser, including those of Kira's mother Grace, who died in a plane crash.

- Back at the hospital, Russell asks Mariel what is going on with her, she claims to be overwhelmed, then kind of breaks down a bit and wonders out loud why her blood didn't work for Jesse.

- Russell checks with the lab about the blood, and the technician says that the equipment must have been contaminated, or their must've been some sort of other problem, because the blood used for transfusion had enormous, inhuman amounts of haemoglobin, a trait found in dolphin and whale blood. 

- Larkin is driven through the rain by Sheriff Underlay. He says he is taking her to Key Largo, but they're going a "different" way. Underlay asks Larkin about her and Russell's impending baby, and talks about how "change is inevitable, it's just a matter of how we deal with it."

-  Sheriff Underlay takes Larking through the bush to secretly reveal the military operation cleaning up the helicopter that transported the air force man Paxton. Apparently he and his crew had been looking for a missing weather plane (remember the plane from the opening of episode one?). They also witness some men in containment suits loading a strange box into one of the trucks. Underlay is surprised to see this.

- Back at the Underlay house, as Dave and Kira leave to see Jesse, we the viewer (but not Dave) see the back of Sheriff Underlay's wedding photo from when he married Kira's mother Grace - it is marked "Feb 14 1986 -  Two Become One".

- At the hospital, Jesse wakes up. Dozy, he tells Russell "I saw something in the water Dad,". "I know" responds Russell.

- Mariel confers with Russell about the blood - they conclude that somehow Jesse got the wrong blood.

- Later at home, Mariel takes a bath, and gently sinks underwater, where she appears to be most content, opening her eyes and smiling. In a sinister kind of way I mean.