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Episode Seven - Fish Story

On the next episode, screening Wednesday March 22 at 9.30pm:

After barely surviving a car crash that has left her injured and the fate of her unborn baby uncertain, Larkin is picked up by a man whose suspicious actions cause her to question his motives. 

Meanwhile, Mariel desperately tries to emotionally reconnect with her son, Jesse.

Secrets Revealed:

- Larkin comes to in her car, but can't get herself out.

- Russell and Dave travel down South to Nine Mile (where Larkin was heading) to look for her. Dave tells Russell that Larkin told him she thought she was being flowed after her visit to the military base.

- With Russell away looking for Larkin, Mariel turns up with Kira and Rose to keep Jesse company. There is still tension between Jesse and Mariel after the mild blow out.

- Russell and Dave find Larkin's car be she is nowhere to be found. Sheriff Tom turns up to help and Russell begins looking for Larkin, concerned for his unborn baby.

- Larkin has managed to free herself and finds a station wagon in the bushes - inside is a dead man impaled by a branch coming through the windscreen, apparently a hurricane victim. Clearly disturbed, Larkin removes the body from the front seat and tries to start the car, but it won't go.

- Dave and Russell come upon the station wagon, but Larkin has walked off wearing the man's shoes. They follow her foot prints.

- Larkin finds a road and waves down a Haitian fisherman in a truck with a dinghy trailing behind. He is reluctant to help her, but she insists, mentioning her pregnancy. They drive off together.

- The fisherman says he will take her no further than the main road. He doesn't say why.

- Tensions remained strained at Russell's house, where Mariel has made the kids breakfast.

- As they drive, the fisherman asks Larkin about her baby. Then she begins experiencing pangs of pain and the man stops at an abandoned store so Larkin can use the bathroom. While Larkin is inside Russell and Dave pull up and ask the driver of the truck if he has seen a woman with Larkin's description. He says he saw someone fitting that description drive by recently. They leave. Larkin emerges from the bathroom and the driver says his truck has gone dead.

- Back at Russell and Larkin's house, Mariel tries to talk to Jesse. He asks her if she tells him the truth. He confronts her about seeing her kiss Sheriff Tom when she was still married to Russell. She downplays the incident and says that her and Russell's marriage was ending anyway. Jesse chastises her.

- Russell tells Tom over the radio about his encounter with the fisherman.

- While talking with the fisherman, Larkin points out that the timeline of his story about leaving Haiti with his pregnant wife doesn't hold up, but he says he simply made an innocent mistake about the age of his son. Larkin becomes increasingly frantic about her baby and he tells her five minutes.

- Inside the bathroom, Larkin asks the fisherman who he really is he smashes down the door and says "Come with me now now or your baby will die." He says he will show her who he is. On his truck, he shows her a large chilli bin which has a massive squid in it, which she identifies. He says the military hired him to catch this beast, and that he thinks it came up in the hurricane. He says he thinks the military thinks it is something else because it makes a light when it swims. Hmmm. He is worried he won't get paid if he doesn't get it to the military in time.

- Just then he sees Russell and Dave approaching, he places Larkin on the ground and speeds off.
- At the hospital, Mariel examines Larkin. Eventually they discover everything is alright.

- Sheriff Tom meets up with the fisherman at the abandoned shop from earlier. Now the fisherman is speaking with an American accent, and is made at Tom.

Fisherman: "You should pay me double for what I've been through today. I was at that at 5.30am sitting with that stinking thing in my truck."

It transpires that Tom asked the man to look for Larkin, then told him to stall while he tried to find out who was stalking her. He reveals to the man that the Air Force has been tracking her because they think she might have seen something at the military base.

The fisherman says he showed Larkin the squid - it was apparently an effort on Tom's part to throw her off the scent of the "lights in the water". After being paid, the man asks Tom what is really causing the lights in the water.

"Fish" is Tom's response...