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Why should we go and see Jason Cook?

Jason Cook

English comedian, Jason Cook stunned audiences and critics alike at The Classic in last year's NZ International Comedy Festival with his smash hit show "My Confessions", subsequently winning the award for 'Best International Show'.

"It's rare to be touched, to the very core, by a comedy performance& a hilarious, dark, and emotional show by British stand up Jason Cook (you can call him Jase)& there were tears welling up in many-a punters eyes, and for good reason." - New Zealand Herald

'My Confessions' was a deeply personal show about Jason's life and many wondered what he could possibly do to follow up its success.

Well we are very pleased to announce that Jason Coy is back in 2009 with his brand new show JOY, which, exceeded the expectations of audiences and critics at the Edinburgh Fringe last August.

"Wonderfully directed by Jason's father, Tony, this is an exquisitely balanced show which on the one hand has more laugh out loud jokes than his previous piece and yet also manages to take you on a more profound emotional journey&

You won't find another show on the Fringe this year which is as consistently funny and as genuinely honest, heartfelt and moving as this one. A total triumph." TimeOUT UK

What Jason Cook has, that many stand-up comedians struggle to achieve is a stand up act that actually makes you feel something. This year Jason brings "Joy".

A show about joy, about how it is all around us, we just have to know how to look for it.

And of course, there is a twist at the end.

WARINING : May contain moments of unadulterated happiness. If cynical, please stay away.