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Te Radar's Eating the Dog: Comedy Festival Review

Te Radar

Te Radar's Eating The Dog

Part history lecture, part multimedia show and all funny, Radar's latest is a sly look at what exactly makes a Kiwi.

Well, I say what exactly makes a Kiwi, when it's quite clear that what apparently makes the Kiwi the race that it is, is how spectacularly Kiwis fail sometimes. (After all, with every success comes an inevitable number of failures)

But rest assured, when they fail, it's actually quite funny.

Walking gracefully on stage to banjo music and with a slide showing us the forest, Radar showed why he's world-class when it comes to engaging an audience.

With sharp one liners puncturing a witty script, the raconteur (known more recently for slumming it on the land in Off The Radar) explained this was to be a New Zealand history show - but with a difference.

Radar begins his quest into Kiwi blunderdom by recounting his own exploits at pig farming (which to be fair, is probably best described as a debacle after he'd killed the beast) before taking us back to the time of Thomas Brunner, Te Rauparaha and the New Zealand Company.

For those who really know their NZ history, the choices of stories will be appreciated at a higher level - but for those with a soupcon of knowledge of Aotearoa's history (that's me) there's no need to feel left out as Radar's gone to every length to ensure that everyone's included.

The very clever thing about this show is that the themes of the past (and the celebration of spectacular failures) segue excellently (and seamlessly) into the present (talk of the resource consent, Christine Rankin and Melissa Lee) - they are all thrown into the mix in a nice juxtaposition with the derring do of the past.

Radar's boundless enthusiasm and his ability to divert off topic (he's to form a band called The Whatness apparently) mean you'll leave the must-see "Eating the Dog" with an appreciation of NZ's finest historical failures and grateful of an hour of Te Radar's masterful spinning of a yarn.

Te Radar's Eating the Dog runs at Auckland's Basement until Saturday May 23rd