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Who is Steve Wrigley - and what's his show about?

Steve Wrigley is genuinely one of the nicest guys you will ever meet.

It's easy to see why he is so highly regarded by his peers and so richly deserves the huge success that he has created for himself over the last year.

His 2008 Comedy Festival show "The First Time" was a high energy, heartfelt, hilarious hit of the Festival which resulted in him winning the Billy T Award.

In fact 2008 saw Steve winning a whole swag of awards, along with the coveted Billy, he won Best Comedy at the Wellington Fringe Awards, Best MC at the NZ Comedy Guild Awards and was also voted Wellington Comedian of the Year by his fellow comedians.

The latter part of 2008 saw Steve make the move from his beloved home city of Wellington to Auckland.

Far from taking a punt on things, Steve was asked to move up to take on his first ever "job" as part of the drive team on 91 ZM.

You can now hear his insights and musings six days a week interspersed with some of Today's Hit Music.

The kids love it.

 Having a day job certainly isn't keeping Steve tied down however.

2009 has seen him at the World Buskers Festival in Christchurch, touring the country as part of the Notorious Comics Tour for Orientation and a season at the Dunedin Fringe.

It's little wonder really, someone with as much energy as Steve will always find something to get involved with.

Steve spending so much time on the road helps form the premise for this show, all those hilarious stories that happen with your mates on road trips and all the subsequent nonsense.

Steve is perfectly equipped to regale us with these stories, not only the experience but the veracity of his highly energetic, filterless, manic and over active imagination.

It's a rare comic ability that Steve possesses.

Coupled with his natural charm, stemming from him being such a genuinely good human being, make him one of the most engaging and dynamic performers about.

When you watch Steve on stage, you know he absolutely wouldn't want to be anywhere else in the world but performing right there and then.

He has that bubbling excitement and underlying enthusiasm you see in someone when they truly love what they are doing and can't quite believe they are getting the opportunity to do it.

When's this show on?

Dates:     Saturday 2 & Tuesday 5 - Saturday 9 May, 8.30pm
Venue:     The Basement, Lower Greys Ave
Tickets:   Adults $23 Concession $18 Groups 10+ $18
Bookings:  0800 TICKETEK,

Dates:     Tuesday 12 - Saturday 16 May, 7.00pm
Venue:     San Francisco Bathhouse, Cuba St
Tickets:   Adults $23 Concession $18 Groups 10+ $18
Bookings:  0800 TICKETEK,