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What is A Song For The Ugly Kids?

Presented by Musgrove and Medlock:

A Song For The Ugly Kids

Like funky town but way coolerer...

Lucy Warwick was an ugly kid. A no hoper, a loser, a walking disaster. The chosen one.

One day stupid Lucy cracked her head on the pavement and her brain fell out. And inside Lucy's disproportionately large head was a crazy world. The world of the Ugly Kids. The place where her misfit imaginary friends battle to make ends meet.

Imagine a world where your dreams are real and your real life is the stuff of dreams: Where the man chasing her down the dark alley is actually a guy called Joe who has a failing sex shop and a penchant for mousetraps.

Hear the heartbreaking plight of Carrie the cough-lolly dragon. Howl out loud at the rantings of The Gangster Chicken. Witness the tragedy of Ross the invisible quiche. Meet two stock-broking geese, 1 karaoke alien, and a depressed fairy. It's tough being make-believe!

A comedy juggernaught has crash landed. A razor sharp, off-the-wall look at life through the imagination of one strange little girl.

"This show is going to stink of originality" says Dan Musgrove, one half of the creative team, "if Family Guy was set in post-apocalyptic Picton, it would be a lot like this show."

"I agree" says Natalie Medlock, the other half, "my acting is so intensely powerful that I often have to visit a doctor after rehearsal."

Dan Musgrove and Natalie Medlock, creators of the critically acclaimed hit shows Blinkers and Spurs, are bringing their absurd brand of character-based comedy to the 2009 NZ Comedy Festival in A Song For The Ugly Kids.

At last, a song for the ugly kids, for the make believer in all of us&

"A pair of ferocious comic talents" - Theatreview
"Masters of observation" - Lumiere
"Humour and pathos in perfect harmony" - Capital Times

Dates:    Tues 12 - Sat 16 May, 7pm
Venue:    The Basement Theatre, Lower Greys Ave, City
Tickets:    Adults $16 / Conc. $13 / Groups 10+ $10
Bookings:   0800 TICKETEK (842 5385)
Dates:    Tues 19th - 23rd May, 9:30pm
Venue:    BATS Theatre, 1 Kent Terrace, City
Tickets:    Adults $16 / Conc. $13 / Groups 10+ $10
Bookings: 04 802 4175