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Who are Kevin Gilese and Arlen Konopaki - and what is their show about?

Cracker Comedy and Rapid Fire Theatre presents


Wanna see improv comedy so good you'll wonder if it's really improv?

If you like your comedy fresh off the grill, this genuinely side-splitting improv performance is doubled-over, painfully-funny, brand-new and sparkling every time, thanks to the trailblazing genius of this Canadian duo.

Critically acclaimed comic team Kevin Gillese and Arlen Konopaki have turned a knack for the absurd and a love of physical comedy into one of the most "in demand" improv shows on the planet.  Fast-paced and physical, you'll have tears rolling down your cheeks as Scratch takes you on a journey of the unexpected and unplanned.

Energetic, surprising, filled with sharp jokes& Scratch delivers on all counts in laugh-til-it-hurts entertainment that's sold out venues through Europe, America and Canada. Their uncanny ability will have you scratching your head, but book twice and you'll know - this is the freshest, fastest improv show in town at the Transmission Room, Tues 12th - 16th May.

"If laughter is the best medicine, prepare to overdose" - The Eye

Dates:    Tues 12th may - 16th May, 7pm 1 hour
Venue:    The Transmission Room, CNR mayoral dr and queen street Auckland
Tickets:    $26/21 previews $21