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Jim Brown vs the questionnaire

Jim Brown - A Legend in His Own Bathwater

1)       How did you get the name of your show this year?
An MC asked at a gig a while back for an intro line and I came back with this and then as this year's show has a more delusional aspect to it , I thought it would fit.

2)       Tell us your favourite punchline
"I don't know what you call that, but it ain't electro-plating "

3)       What's been your best heckle?  
" what wristband?!"' - a sharp audience member had spotted that when I referred to the wristband ( a key component of what I called my 'wristband joke') I was wearing, I'd forgotten to wear it onstage

4)       What was your response?
" er , the wristband I've left in my other trousers at home"

5)       What's the craziest thing you've ever bought on TradeMe?
Size 12 rollerblades last year, just to see how huge I would look in them. And I did - I felt like Robocop, or a bully in Starlight Express. Sometimes you need to feel like that.

6)       Aside from yourself, who would you kill to see at this year's festival - and why?
Wilson Dixon, because he's great and has the finest sort of weak smile you will ever see.

7)       What was the last film you watched?
I am Legend - only in America could that have happened.

8)       What was the one question you were glad you weren't asked on this questionnaire?
How many tickets have you sold for Monday night?

9)       What's the one question we should have asked?   Q - Who came first in the 1980 Thurnby Lodge Primary School Sack Year 4 Sack Race?
A- James John Brown - that's right, me  (who came second? - exactly).The following year  they changed the 'sack' to a synthetic bag, suiting those with out and out running speed rather than the technically correct 'jumpers' like myself in an attempt to stop me dominating the sport for years to come. It worked, but hey it was a long time ago and its nothing that fans of Formula One and Swimming aren't familiar with.