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Jarrod Baker from Monkey vs Robot onj our questions

Jarrod Baker from Monkey vs Robot

1) How did you get the name of your show this year?
It's a reference to the time we saw a giant robot fighting a giant monkey. That was a big day for both of us.

2) Tell us your favourite punchline.
Imagine being killed by a bow and arrow. That would suck. An arrow killed you, they would never solve the crime. "Look at that dead guy. Let's go that way." - Mitch Hedberg

3) Whats been your best heckle?
It was from a group of high school girls during Class Comedians last year. I was trying to tell them that Sir Ed Hillary's death was more significant than Heath Ledger's. I said "Come on. What did Heath Ledger ever climb?"
To which the answer from one of the girls was "Brokeback Mountain".

4) What was your response?
I said "I think you'll find that what he climbed there was Jake Gyllenhaal."

5) Whats the craziest thing youve ever bought on TradeMe?
Either a scrolling LED belt buckle, or a cast iron sausage stuffer. Take your pick.

6) Aside from yourself, who would you kill to see at this years festival and why?
There are so many great acts in this years' festival, but if I have to pick just one, it would be Mark Watson. I loved his 2007 show, and I'm really keen to see what he does this year.

7) What was the last film you watched?
Watchmen. I think more films should feature flying machines in the shape of owls.

8) What was the one question you were glad you werent asked on this questionnaire?
"What is your PIN number?" because the bank said I'm not supposed to reveal it to anyone.

9) Whats the one question we should have asked?

"Steven Seagal, Jean Claude Van Damme, or Chuck Norris?"