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Janey Godley: Comedy Festival Review

Janey Godley

Janey Godley: Domestic Godley

If you walked into the Classic to see Janey Godley with a mental checklist- five minutes in you will easily have ticked off 'affable', 'natural' and 'warm'.

Except if you walked in with a checklist you would be missing out on the way she can immediately absorb you into her charm, winning you over with cheeky observations of her fascinating life.

Godley was at the door to the venue- five minutes to seven- greeting people as they walked in to be seated commencing what she likes to think of as a show which is more like enjoying a chat with a pal than watching someone on stage.

She achieves this easy intimacy without needing to directly address the crowd, she doesn't pick on anyone and she doesn't ask what you do for a living- her excuse is she has too much to tell us herself and the hour races by before anyone can notice.

Growing up in Glasgow has provided her with a smorgasbord of material, as has living with a husband with Asperger's syndrome, having a stay-at-home 23 year-old-daughter as well as some life experiences that introduce some very honest emotion to the one-hour set.

Through her comedy she embodies the loved-ones in her life, fleshes out some of her memories and relays moments of hilarity with such vividness that you are really taken on a visual journey.

Godley is unique in this respect- she leaves you feeling like you understand what it was like growing up with other children in Scotland with only one roller-skate between you and being surrounded by Catholic-Protestant Sectarianism.

Janey Godley's Domestic Godley is truly wonderful; she is a charmer and if she could bring a two-hour set to next year's festival so much the better.

Janey Godley Domestic Godley is at The Classic, Auckland Mon 11 - Sat 23 May, 7pm