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Who is Heath Frankin - and what is his show about?

Heath Franklin as Chopper

Presented by Laughing Stock Productions   

Heath Franklin's Chopper in Harden The F#ck Up, New Zealand!

Sometimes life seems a bit tough, and you just feel like finding a quiet corner and having a cry. Well its times like these that Chopper thinks you should take off your skirt, grow a moustache and harden the fuck up.

"Australia's funniest comedy character&" *****, Sunday Mail 2008  

As seen on C4's sketch comedy show The Ronnie Johns Half Hour, Heath Franklin brings his award-nominated comedy alter ego "Chopper" to New Zealand for the first time. After selling over 100,000 tickets in Australia and the UK, "Chopper" takes no prisoners as he headbutts his way from Wellington to Auckland for the NZ Comedy Festival*.

The world's gone soft since the Anzacs first stood on the beaches of Gallipoli. Sure Jake the Mus could wallop Hugh Jackman in a fight, but New Zealand needs a new kind of motivational speaker. It's time for The Land of the Long White Cloud is about to meet the Man of the Long Brown Mo. From the Smurfs to hands-free mobiles, mangoes, Switzerland, to anti-smoking ads, even Darth Vader gets a punch in the soft guts by the International Ambassador of Hard.

Through a series of multi-media presentations, motivations, puppetry and extreme but justifiable violence, Chopper hopes to change the way people look at themselves. Unlike Oprah, his idea of a "book club" is hitting someone with the Yellow Pages and, let's face it; Dr Phil's moustache is weaker than a light beer with ice-cubes.

So, New Zealand, it's time to take a good hard look at yourself. You've become a nation of bloody sooks. Join life coach Chopper for a night of comedy, audience participation, and finding your "inner mongrel".

*Heath Franklin's Chopper will also be appearing in Hamilton on May 16

Dates:    7pm, May 19-23 (Preview May 19)
Venue:    The Cadbury Crunchie Comedy Chamber, Auckland Town Hall, The Edge
Tickets:    Full $32/conc and groups (+8) $28/ Preview $25
Bookings:   The Edge: 0800 BUY TICKETS/

Dates:    7 30pm, May 12-15 (Preview May 12)
Venue:    Illot Theatre, Wellington Convention Centre
Tickets:    Full $32/conc and groups (+8) $28/ Preview $25
Bookings:   Ticketek (0800 TICKETEK)/