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Who is El Jaguar - and what is his show about?

The Fringe Bar Presents:

El Jaguar's Cinco De Mayo Fiesta De HaHa.

Luchadors, laughs and a pinata full of love.

El Jaguar is a luchador* from Guadalajara, Mexico!  El Jaguar has wrestled in the WWE!  El Jaguar has moved to New Zealand to become a comedian and entertainer!  El Jaguar hopes you join him to celebrate Mexican independence day with a late night full of comedy, music, and interesting occurrences!

A late night welcome to the Wellington leg of the 2009 NZ Comedy Festival with comedy newbie El Jaguar.  With over a year of gigs under his belt (from hosting the Six O'Clock Swill to his memorable appearances at The Wellington Comedy Club) El Jaguar has pinned audiences with his innovative brand of championship comedy.  Now he is set to half nelson comedy festival audiences into a foamy frenzy&if only his arch enemy Hecklor stays away. 

Heckor is a rival luchador that has been following El Jaguar through his meteoric rise in the Kiwi comedy scene and is keen to destroy everything that El Jaguar has created.  A Highlander like battle royale of hysterical proportions. 

A variety show with a masked difference.  Comedy!  Music!  Spanish!  Figure fours!  Suplexs!  Pile Drivers!  Pinatas!  Comedy again!  And maybe a message or two.  And comedy once more! 

One night only!  Turning comedy into visceral sport entertainment. 

*a luchador is a masked Mexican wrestler

Dates: 10pm Tuesday May 5, 2009
Venue: The Fringe Bar, 191 Cuba St. (the corner of Cuba & Vivian)
Tickets:  Adults $13/ Concession $10 Groups of 10+ $10
Bookings: 0800 TICKETEK (842 5385)