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Dave Wiggins: Comedy Festival Review

Dave Wiggins - I'm a Believer

Nominated for the 2009 Billy T Award and known within comedy circles for his clean comedy routines, Dave Wiggins returns for his third solo show at the NZ International Comedy Festival.

Originally from Maine, USA, Dave's made NZ his home and it's always been "this foreigner looking in" which has formed the basis of his observational comedy.

This year, having been here for a while, Dave's taken a slightly different tack in his latest show.

Blessed with a laid back attitude, Dave took stock of the Kiwi phrases used in everyday speech and how he'd misinterpreted them -before (rightly) picking on the mundanity of New Zealand's news.

I'm A Believer is about Dave choosing to explore his beliefs as most comedians in the profession are a pretty cynical bunch.

He talks through religion, the environment, and wanting to be better among other topics -some of the biggest laughs came from his interpretation of the New Zealand national anthem.

He has some great ways at looking at the Google and Facebook phenomena - and he's clearly part of the brigade who believe that thanks to Obama, it's cool to be an American again - and can garner laughter from that.

Dave Wiggins has a gentle way of working with the crowd and coaxing them out of his shell - which is no mean feat with Kiwi audiences - it's this, along with a razor sharp wit which make his stand up seem effortless.

(Dave's also taking part in the 40 hour famine - you can read more about what he's up to for it here - and don't forget there's more information on World Vision's 40 Hour Famine here !)

Dave Wiggins - I'm a Believer runs at the The Limelight Laugh Lounge, Aotea Centre in Auckland until Saturday May 23rd.