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What is The Comedy Den about?

The Fringe Bar presents:

The Comedy Den

Three different weekends of alternative late night comedy

You like comedy?  You like staying up late?  Over three weekends in May we combine both into one tasty late night meat pie of weird and wonderful comedic happenings.   

The Comedy Den welcomes with open arms two of the best international touring acts as they indulge in side projects known in comedy festivals the world over.  With three weekends of comedy festival comics sometimes get a little edgy and they need an outlet for the darker parts of their id, and The Comedy Den (at newly comedicaly focused The Fringe Bar) offers a moon lit alter for their jockular sacrifices. 

May 8th and 9th sees the UK's Jason Cook bring his premier cult comedy night, The Asylum to New Zealand shores. 

Using whatever festival comedians are around at the time The Asylum launches a revolution in late night comedy.  From world record attempts to songs and stunts, "Amazing comics comics doing amazing things" is a by line that is sure to tickle the face.   

May 15th and 16th The Comedy Den comes into its own as Wellington luchador supreme, El Jaguar, presides over a late night of wrestling, LOL's, and stretchy tights.

El Jaguar hopes for a night of "...Mondo Experimento, a new comedy manifesto"....whatever that means.   

May 22nd and 23rd plays host to the infamous Phat Cave hosted by Australian Mickey D

All comics want to be rappers and Phat Cave allows them the opportunity to rock a rhyme, to rock a rhyme thats right on time.  Even though it might be tricky.  See festival favourites 2 legit, 2 legit 2 quit and busting a the face.  Three amazing opportunities to see what shouldn't be seen.  Comedy at its darkest and its most free form.  Bring friends.  Come drunk.

Dates: Fri & Sat 8-9, Fri & Sat 15-16, Fri & Sat 22-23 11:30pm
Venue:  The Fringe Bar, 191 Cuba St. (corner of Cuba & Vivian)
Tickets:  Adult $13/ Concession $10 Groups 10+ $10
Bookings: 0800 TICKETEK (842 5385)