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Benjamin Crellin: Comedy Festival Review

Benjamin Crellins Apocalypse Soon 

The next Antichrist is: Paris Hilton

Well, according to Benjamin Crellin anyway.

After all she is the complete opposite of Jesus Christ: "she is superficial, stupid, white, rich and a woman."

Crellin in Apocalypse Soon delves into these ageless topics that we often wonder about, yet leave this earth without ever finding a definitive answer.  

No topic is too big for him: he does a great job making fun of most races and all faiths in an hour long performance that reeks of wicked satire.

He explores the lies of prophecies, ridicules the philosophies of great minds, rubbishes all sorts of crimes by mankind and ,perhaps most refreshingly, makes fun of himself whenever possible.

Crellin, a self-professed computer geek, is by no means a physical comedian but what he lacks for in action he makes up for in dead-pan Kiwi humour that his audience can easily relate too.

He was probably worthy of a bigger audience on Saturday night but the smattering of delinquents that did attend were treated to some mischievous anecdotes.

The 72 ugly virgins that Allah-loving suicide bombers are subjected to after their heinous act to mankind was vicious humour that was surprisingly well received.

But don't worry, like I said, he doesn't trash one particular group oh no, he offends all.

It seems in this day and age all comedians have a favourite bashing town - Havoc loved offending Gore, I love rubbishing Christchurch and Crellin well, targets Levin with hounding precision.

The only problem was though, as he nauseated himself (and everyone else) with his recollection of bagging a lovely Levin lass, that a rather large gentleman in the front row let him know that Levin was in fact his home town.

Oh well, "Im sure it wasn't your sister", he shouted back in a moment of ad-lib magic.

Like television, I guess you should never go to a comedy show if you are easily offended - and if you are from some sort of minority, Crellin is sure to tickle your social fabric.

Benjamin Crellin: Apocalypse Soon is at the Comedy Underground in Auckland from Tues 5 - Sat 9 May and in Wellington at the BATS Theatre from Wed 13th-16th May.